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What Is The Weight Of A Home Hospital Bed?

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What Is The Weight Of A Home Hospital Bed? Adding a luxury hospital bed to one’s home can be the best choice for seniors and those with a wide range of health and mobility challenges. These types of beds must prevent pressure sores, provide greater levels of comfort, and improve the user’s sleep. But if you’re looking at this type of care bed for the first time, you might have questions about the weight of what you will receive. How heavy is a home hospital bed? Will I need assistance moving it into and around the home?

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Learn About The Weight Of A Modern Hospital Bed

How Much Does A Home Hospital Bed Weigh?

Home hospital beds come in multiple sizes, depending on the model and the user’s specifications. They can also accommodate a range of features. As such, the weight of a home hospital bed can vary. Conventional hospital beds measure 36 inches wide and 80 inches long, from the frame inside the headboard to the footboard; this is about the size of a twin. SonderCare also provides extra-wide options, including the 48″-wide Aura™ Premium Hospital Bed. Depending on the model you choose, you can expect your SonderCare luxury home hospital bed to be between 250 and 300 pounds.

When you think about the heavy-duty qualities you come to expect in a hospital bed, this isn’t too much. Hospital beds use lightweight and durable materials, letting them withstand more usage while still offering a high degree of comfort. After all, conventional hospital beds must be able to move down halls and into different rooms – it only makes sense that mobility is a defining feature, and keeping the weight of the equipment down is a part of that.

The weight of the bed itself can be a surprise to some customers, given how much it can support. Standard hospital beds typically have a maximum weight capacity of up to 450 pounds, but wider bariatric models can hold up to 750 pounds.

How Much Weight Is Added By The Mattress & Bed Accessories?

As you can see, hospital bed frames aren’t heavy, and neither are the mattresses and accessories that fit on them. The SonderCare pressure-redistributing mattresses are lightweight, made with materials like memory foam and an infused cooling gel. Even the premium Dream mattress, with an extra quilted layer, hypoallergenic covering and fluid-proof cover, is still incredibly light, even though it looks like a heavier luxury home-style mattress.

The accessories of a hospital are also light and durable because bed users must be able to use them. Hospital beds are very intuitive pieces of medical equipment, and if the user is medically or mentally able to use the adjustable features, weight must not be an issue. For example, the SonderCare multi-height assist rails will increase bed safety for residents, allowing for ergonomic entering and exiting of the bed; however, the resident must also be able to maneuver them.

Of course, when using a hospital bed, there’s more than just the frame and mattress. When a luxury hospital bed has many accessories, is it difficult to move? The answer is no – the design of hospital beds makes them easy to push. If you need to move your loved one’s bed on their behalf, you don’t have to worry about the weight.

What Can I Do Once I Have Dismantled My Hospital Bed?

Once you have dismantled your hospital bed, you’ll find moving it easy. If you choose to move the bed without professional assistance, you must have at least one other person available to help. If you don’t have a partner in this, you can risk injury to your body or damage to the equipment by trying to do it yourself.

Always remember to lift carefully and make all moves using protective equipment. Moving straps are handy devices that transfer some weight off your back and arms when you’re lifting a heavier item. You can also use the specialized Transport Cart to move the bed on its side, allowing you to roll it through halls and doorways.

If you need help moving your home hospital bed or doubt your physical ability to safely move it, one of the best options is to call a team of professional movers. Find a company in your area that specializes in moving high-quality medical equipment.

Does The Home Hospital Bed's Weight Make It Difficult To Move?

Hospital beds must be able to move, and this is also the case with home care beds. However, you must set up the bed first, and the size and weight of the hospital bed as delivered means that a single person cannot move it safely by themselves; at least two people should be ready to move it into the house. If you’re unsure about your ability to lift and maneuver the hospital bed, call a team of movers who specialize in handling medical equipment.

Once the bed is inside and set up, it is surprisingly easy to move around. All our hospital beds come with heavy-duty casters (wheels that allow for moving the bed in both straight and turning motions). The casters make it easy for caregivers and loved ones to move the bed to different parts of the room or house, even with the user in the bed.

SonderCare customers can take advantage of our “White Glove” delivery. If you choose this service, you’ll have your bed delivered to your residence and installed in your desired room, with all the packaging removed. It’s just one of the ways SonderCare works to put those who might feel overwhelmed by their new luxury hospital bed at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Bed Weight

Typically, home hospital beds weight in the range of 200-400 pounds based on common bed frame and motor applications. Adding accessories and modifications can increase the weight of the bed significantly.

Don’t bend at the back when lifting, bend at your knees instead. When moving hospital beds, unplug them from the wall sockets or power supplies before you begin. If you need to transport the hospital bed around corners or around other obstacles, consider folding the hospital bed. Folded beds can be moved easily with bed transport carts.

Start Exploring Hospital Beds With SonderCare

Are you recently discharged from hospital, experiencing mobility issues, or in need of palliative or senior care? Enjoy a smoother recovery and get the luxury you deserve by choosing our home hospital products. Contact us today to discuss home hospital beds, mattresses, stand assist chairs and other accessories to make your home hospice perfect for a truly comfortable experience.

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