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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the SonderCare product line-up

The SonderCare bed:
– Provides support and reduces strain while getting in and out of bed
– Easily adjusts your position for watching TV, reading, sleeping, eating, etc.
– Has various rail positioning options (including no rails) to meet your specific needs
– Helps to support proper positioning for various ailments including COPD, sleep apnea and snoring, indigestion, swelling, etc.
– Offers supreme functionality and comfort all while looking beautiful and fitting in with your desired bedroom aesthetic

The SonderCare bed is unique because it offers the full functionality of a medical grade bed without having the look of a traditional “hospital bed.” Available in two different finishes, the bed can help you get a better quality sleep, be more comfortable while relaxing in your bedroom (reading, watching tv, etc.) and can even be positioned to help ease discomfort due to various health conditions including COPD, sleep apnea, heart burn, indigestion, etc.

The SonderCare bed was designed to provide maximum comfort and support—likely more than you are getting out of your current bed. This product is designed to help you maintain independence, get better quality sleeps and enhance your general quality of life with the functionality it provides.

Currently there is only one size of SonderCare bed available and that is the Twin XL, which is 39” x 80” – there is an option to remove the rails and put two beds side-by-side if desired

There are two current mattress options available with the SonderCare bed, either:
1) Home Comfort Mattress (Soft Quilt cover)
2) Stretch Cover Mattress (Washable cover)

Yes, standard Twin XL sheets from your preferred retailer will work well on the bed.


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