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Can Hospital Beds Be Disassembled and Taken Apart?

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Can Hospital Beds Be Disassembled and Taken Apart? When you or your loved one doesn’t need their SonderCare home hospital bed anymore, it’s likely time to remove the bed. You can dismantle a SonderCare hospital bed in minutes. Our beds are modular and have a simple two-part assembly – and thus are also simple to disassemble. Here’s how you can dismantle your in-home care bed safely and securely.

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Learn About Taking Apart And Dismantling A Hospital Bed

What Do I Need To Take Apart and Dismantle A Hospital Bed?

Before dismantling your hospital bed, you should carefully read the manual and all the instructions included with the bed. Once you have a proper understanding of the bed, assemble your tools; these include:

  • 13 mm (½”) wrench
  • 4 mm (5/32”) hex wrench (Allen key)
  • 5 mm (3/16”) hex wrench (Allen key) 

Ensure that you have appropriate space and a moving device (either a dolly or the specifically designed SonderCare Transport Cart).

Steps In Disassembling A Hospital Bed Safely

Dismantling your SonderCare luxury care bed is a simple task once you know the steps. Start by removing the pressure-reducing mattress and setting it aside. 

  • Remove the headboard: Using the 4mm hex key, remove the bolts behind the headboard. Start by removing 2 per side, leaving 1 per side. Remove the remaining bolt on one side, then gently lower that corner of the headboard to the floor. Remove the final bolt. 
  • Remove the footboard: Using the 5mm hex key, remove the bolts inside the footboard. Start by removing 2 per side, leaving 1 per side. Remove the remaining bolt on one side, then gently lower that corner of the footboard to the floor. Remove the final bolt.  
  • Lower all assist rails to the lowest position and secure them in place.
  • If using the SonderCare Transport Cart, install the foot end cart and head end cart using the provided hardware and the 4mm hex, 5mm hex, and 13mm wrench. With two people, gently lift the bed onto its side. Roll to the desired location. 
  • If using a dolly or other transport device, position the dolly at the side of the bed. Gently lift the bed on its side onto the dolly, being careful not to rest the bed on its rail. Move to the desired location.

What Can I Do Once I Have Dismantled My Hospital Bed?

Once you have dismantled your hospital bed, you’ll find moving it easy. If you choose to move the bed without professional assistance, you must have at least one other person available to help. If you don’t have a partner in this, you can risk injury to your body or damage to the equipment by trying to do it yourself.

Always remember to lift carefully and make all moves using protective equipment. Moving straps are handy devices that transfer some weight off your back and arms when you’re lifting a heavier item. You can also use the specialized Transport Cart to move the bed on its side, allowing you to roll it through halls and doorways.

If you need help moving your home hospital bed or doubt your physical ability to safely move it, one of the best options is to call a team of professional movers. Find a company in your area that specializes in moving high-quality medical equipment.

What If I Need Help Taking Apart My Hospital Bed?

Working with a piece of medical equipment can be daunting, especially if you did not set up the bed yourself. If you need assistance dismantling your bed beyond this article, contact SonderCare. Our team of experts will answer your questions and guide you so that you feel more at ease when disassembling this piece of medical equipment.

You might also find aid from local companies specializing in dismantling and removing home hospital equipment. Many communities across the United States and Canada have such companies; search online if there is one near you.

There are many reasons you and your family could have to move a hospital bed out of the home. For instance, the user’s recovery may have progressed, they may be moving to a more advanced care facility, or they may have passed. Whatever the reason, SonderCare luxury hospital bed designs make it easy to accomplish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Apart A Hospital Bed

Seek assistance from someone who can help you manipulate a large piece of furniture. Gather the tools necessary including an Allen key and wrench set. Carefully remove the head and footboard and all other non-essential frame pieces. Place the transport cart pieces on or store the parts in a safe place.


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