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What Is The Difference Between An Adjustable Bed and An Electric Hospital Bed?

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What Is The Difference Between An Adjustable Bed and An Electric Hospital Bed? What’s the difference between adjustable beds and electric hospital beds? On paper, many of the features sound similar – both have adjustable bed frames that let the user sit up and lie down. Unlike consumer models, though, electric hospital beds are made for a specific kind of user.

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Learn About Differences Between Adjustable Bed and Electric Hospital Beds

Adjustable Beds Vs. Electric Hospital Beds: Differences In Use

An adjustable bed, also known as a power bed, is a mechanical bed frame that lets the user manipulate the position of the mattress for sleeping and sitting up. The adjustable bed frame can turn what looks like a traditional bed into a reclining bed with your head and feet raised, letting the user choose whichever set-up they prefer.

Adjustable beds are made and marketed for conventional use among most consumers. Electric hospital beds for in-home care, on the other hand, prioritize features that meet the needs of people recovering from an injury or who must spend a lot of time in bed. Their adjustability makes them more appropriate than a standard bed for providing comfortable support and enabling caregivers to deliver quality care.

As such, the designers and makers of home care beds have a primary concern: patient safety. Unlike adjustable beds, home hospital beds are required to meet stringent standards of electrical and mechanical safety regulations as well as thorough testing, to be certified as a home hospital bed.

Adjustable Beds Vs. Electric Hospital Beds: Differences in Size

Hospital beds are for single occupancy, with the twin being the common in-home hospital bed size available. You can get extra-wide sleeping surfaces and additional foot sections to the end.

Adjustable beds are more conventional, fitting the traditional household linen sizes. They come in not only twin bed sizes but full, queen, and king widths. Long and extra-long beds may also be available.

Adjustable Beds Vs. Electric Hospital Beds: Differences In Inclinations

Ageing and medical conditions like chronic pain and arthritis make it challenging to get into and out of bed. Both adjustable beds and electric care beds have adjustable bed frames, letting the user make foot and head adjustments and bring the bed to a comfortable position for easier entry to and exit.

However, hospital beds have adjustable bases that let the overall height rise and lower. This height adjustment function also helps to decrease the pressure on the backs of caregivers or loved ones who have to lift the user. By also letting them lower the bed, the user has a reduced risk of injury due to falls from the bed. Very few adjustable models have this feature.

Adjustable Beds Vs. Electric Hospital Beds: Differences In Hand Controls

Home hospital beds have controls either built into the side rails or found on hand controls wired to the beds. These beds also allow for added medical features such as IV hooks, safety rails, overhead trapeze helper bars, and overbed tables. The optional side rails can come in various lengths for a more secure set-up, letting the patient or elderly user avoid falls and injuries when getting in and out of bed.

Adjustable Beds Vs. Electric Hospital Beds: Differences In Design

One of the chief differences between the two used to be the design: traditionally, hospital beds were utilitarian, sterile, and at home in a medical setting, while adjustable beds fit into a comforting home setting.  The stereotype leads many users to choose an adjustable bed, even when a home care bed would have been the better choice. Many design changes have given home care beds a more comfortable, residential look.

There is no longer much of a difference in design. Now, patients who need in-home care don’t have to sacrifice their comfortable living environment. Electric hospital beds now blend the advanced safety features with a beautiful, home-like aesthetic. Regardless of the user’s mobility issue or medical condition, users shouldn’t have to feel like they are in a hospital while living at home.

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