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Our Home Medical Products

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Home Hospital Beds

The SonderCare™ Bed is like nothing else on the market today. Designed to conform to the latest international standards, this product provides you with a sense of safety, comfort, and greater independence than standard flat or adjustable beds.

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Lift Chairs

SonderCare’s fully-electric Rise & Recline Chair supports users in shifting from a sitting position, to fully reclining flat and then boosting up to standing when desired – this chair helps support comfort as well as safe mobility.

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Powered Toilet Lifter

The SonderCare Assure™ Powered Riser combines ultimate stability, comfort and adjustable height to help users maintain their dignity and independence.
The SonderCare Assure™ Powered Riser combines ultimate stability, comfor

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Evergreen Approach
Like the majestic Sequoia tree symbolizing strength, security and resilience, SonderCare uses the Evergreen Approach to provide safety, comfort and greater independence. Learn more about the Evergreen Approach!
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