They Said It

Check out what our customers are saying about SonderCare:

“I love the way it looks in my room and I feel so much safer now getting out of bed.”
Tony E., Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve slept better than I have in years thanks to my new SonderCare bed.”
Susan S., Victoria, B.C.

“This bed was WONDERFUL. We used it for my mother when she was in palliative care and it truly allowed her to get as comfortable and relaxed as possible. My experience with the staff and product at SonderCare could not have been better.”
Nola, New York, NY

“I love my SonderCare bed! I’m sleeping much better at night since I purchased it. The mattress is great, and my back appreciates all the positions I can adjust it to.”
S. Granger, San Diego, CA

“I live in assisted living, and the housekeeper loves the fact that we can raise the bed to any height she wants, so she can make the bed without hurting her back – that’s a great feature!”
D. Leitch, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Everything about the bed impresses me – it looks great and it’s a little wider than my last bed, which makes my cat Charlie very happy he has more room to cuddle with me, which makes me happy as well.”
Linda Brown, Vancouver, BC

“Since I heard about SonderCare’s bed, I try to mention it to every family that comes for a tour and is considering moving a loved one in. This bed prevents falls, helps residents get more comfortable when they are in bed and looks SO much nicer than any other hospital bed on the market. I would highly recommend this bed!”
N. Dutka, Tampa, FL

“As an interior decorator, I couldn’t be happier with the look of the SonderCare bed in my client’s home. We searched for ages to find a bed with this functionality that still looked beautiful and I can honestly say SonderCare was the only bed that met our needs.”
C. Tarole, Los Angeles, CA

“SonderCare’s staff were friendly, efficient and patient. From the moment we inquired about purchasing the bed to the moment they delivered and installed it, our experience couldn’t have been better and we truly couldn’t be happier with the bed.”
M. Donaldson, New York, NY

“My mother-in-law has suffered with edema and swelling for years. Finally we found a bed that can adjust to accommodate and comfort her at the touch of a button!“
B. Nicholson, Toronto, ON

“This bed has helped both our staff and residents. The height adjustability is key to preventing strain and falls when people are getting in/out of bed. It also helps relieve pressure on staff to help lift residents. The look and functionality of the SonderCare bed cannot be beat!”
K. Dwyer, London, ON

“After my father suffered a stroke, we saw a substantial loss in his mobility and independence. The OT at the hospital suggested that we get an electric bed at home to help him move safely and without straining. We ordered the SonderCare bed after looking at it online and I can honestly say it’s the best. He is getting better sleeps than he has had in years and it gives my siblings and I peace of mind knowing that we can adjust the bed exactly as needed to make him comfortable. Thank you SonderCare!”
Anonymous, Hoboken, New Jersey

“I believe the SonderCare bed is worth every penny and truly a life saver for the user, their family and staff at the retirement community. I wish we had gotten it sooner.”
H. Grace, Houston, TX


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