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How Do You Get A Hospital Bed Inside Your Home?

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How Do You Get A Hospital Bed Inside Your Home? Ordering a SonderCare luxury hospital bed for the home can be an exciting experience, but you or your loved ones may have questions about what to do once it’s delivered. How do you get a hospital bed inside the home and into place? We offer several delivery options to meet the needs of our clients and their budgets – here’s what you should know if you’re expecting a bed delivery. 

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Learn About Getting A Hospital Bed Inside Your Home

You Can Choose Drop-Ship Delivery Bed Delivery

Drop-Ship Delivery is when the bed comes to the driveway or loading dock of the customer’s house or apartment. If you choose Drop-Ship, the first step is to ensure you have the proper help to get it into the home. High-quality hospital beds are not light, and the heavy-duty features that make them supportive and adjustable also make them heavy. Make sure to use safety equipment that makes it safer to lift the bed, including:

  • Gloves.
  • Back support belt. 
  • Supportive footwear. 
  • Moving blankets.

Plan a route into the home and remove anything that could be a trip hazard – area rugs, cords, low-lying furniture, etc. It can also eliminate wasted time from rerouting, should you not have enough room in one part of the house.

Remember to follow best practices when lifting to prevent injuries: bend your hips and knees to squat down to the bed, keep it close to your body, and straighten your legs to lift. Avoid turning or twisting your body while lifting or holding a heavy object, and do not lift heavy objects higher than your shoulder level. 

Your bed may come in a vertical or horizontal position. If it’s in the former, make sure you can move the bed below any overhead restrictions. If you’re having trouble getting enough muscle power together, you can coordinate with a local moving or handyman company to move it inside on your behalf.

SonderCare White Glove Delivery Makes It Easy To Get Your Hospital Bed Inside & Installed

For those who want more convenience in the set-up of their bed, SonderCare clients can choose our “White Glove” delivery. Once delivered to your residence, the bed is also installed in the desired room and completely set up (with all the packaging removed). It’s a sensational service that will cost less than hiring a team of movers, and the client gets the additional benefit of having the bed put together.

Preparing For Your SonderCare Luxury Hospital Bed

Before you receive the order, prepare the space for the hospital bed; you might want to do this as soon as you’ve placed the order or even as soon as you’ve decided a SonderCare hospital bed is necessary. You might need to rearrange rooms or think about giving up pieces of furniture – wardrobes, dressers, side tables – to make space. 

It can be an emotional process. An in-home hospital bed can be for someone recovering from an illness or injury, in hospice care, or handling a life-altering mobility change. Prepare the room with this in mind, ensuring there’s enough room for some furniture pieces and decorations that mean something to the user.

SonderCare luxury care beds can make the transition from a conventional model to a hospital bed easier to manage. The elegantly designed rails, headboard, and footboard fit any room décor, creating comfort and well-being for users and family members.

A Hospital Bed Inside The Home Is Ideal For Many Seniors & Patients

When you have a proper plan and the right moving equipment in place, bringing a SonderCare luxury hospital bed into the home can be easy. Once inside and set up, it makes a world of difference for many patients and elderly citizens:

  • Anyone who spends enough time in bed can develop bedsores. A hospital bed – with its adjustable positions and a pressure-relieving mattress – can alleviate the causes of bedsores.
  • Many hospital bed users require the help of in-home caregivers. These healthcare professionals may need to transfer patients in and out of bed, and they’ll have an easier time doing that if the patient is in a hospital bed with height-adjusting high-lo functions.
  • The adjustable features let the patient change the bed at the head, knees, and feet. They have more opportunities to get into therapeutic positions their doctor may prescribe to improve health outcomes, such as circulation.

With all this in mind, it’s essential to find the bed that’s right for you or your loved one. If you have questions about how you can get a hospital bed inside your home, send us a message, and a member of our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible. To book your appointment to see the SonderCare Bed in person, please call us at 866-394-9751.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Hospital Bed Longer

How are hospital beds disassembled? Most hospital beds can be taken apart in pieces. SonderCare beds are modular and have a very simple two part assembly and very clear and simple instructions for assembly/disassembly.

You can have a hospital bed delivered into your home but be very cautious moving heavy furniture without help, support and clearance from your doctor. Let professionals help you!

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Are you recently discharged from hospital, experiencing mobility issues, or in need of palliative or senior care? Enjoy a smoother recovery and get the luxury you deserve by choosing our home hospital products. Contact us today to discuss home hospital beds, mattresses, stand assist chairs and other accessories to make your home hospice perfect for a truly comfortable experience.

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