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How Does An Electric Hospital Bed Work?

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How Does An Electric Hospital Bed Work Reaching the highest levels of in-home care and comfort means using a fully electric hospital bed. They come with a wide range of positions and features to accommodate seniors, patients, and those with mobility issues. But how does an electric hospital bed work? Even if you’d prefer not to learn the ins and outs of what makes your electric bed function, don’t worry, SonderCare care beds are  assembled on-site by company trained technicians.. With their attentive help, you’ll be ready to enjoy the comfort and stability of our very user-friendly models.

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Learn About Electric Hospital Beds and Their Operation

How Does An Electric Hospital Bed Work?

Electric beds combine comfort and functionality to make life easier for users and caregivers carrying out any duties. The electrical bed plugs into an outlet, and the user controls it with a remote attached to the side of the bed. The drive system must operate with a VDE-approved power source – 220V, 50/60Hz mains socket.

The power drives the user’s ability to put the bed in different positions, eliminating the physical labor one would need to operate a semi-electric or manual hospital bed. Adjustable positioning allows the user to increase the backrest elevation to up to 90 degrees. The lower part of the bed can also be adjusted, which can help increase comfort and circulation in the lower limbs.

The power makes hospital beds easy to adjust. The user can reshape the position themselves using a hand controller without relying on a health care worker or family member to do it for them. On top of the control one has over the bed’s feet and head, they can also change the height of an electric bed. If they need to get out of bed, they can lower the mattress to make the process safer; it can then rise to let caregivers reach the patient. The added freedom of movement can improve the user’s feelings of independence.

For caregivers, there are safety features to keep patients secure. The hand controller, for instance, has a locking function on the back of the device, which the caregiver can operate with a key switch.

What Type Of Mattress Can I Use With An Electric Hospital Bed?

You must purchase a pressure-relieving mattress that can adjust with the bed. The firm foundation layer offers strength and durability for the life of each mattress, while the perimeter edge is a firm surface that offers support during transfers in and out of their bed.

Most ordinary mattresses won’t work – the ideal mattress for the adjustable base must bend and flex while retaining structural integrity. It must also fit snugly within the bed’s side and end mattress retainers. Using an incompatible mattress can lead to injury, as body parts can become trapped in any space.

You might notice electric hospital bed mattresses aren’t as thick as those on standard beds. There’s a reason for this – thick mattresses don’t bend as well. The thicker a mattress is, the shorter the bed becomes as you raise the head and foot. You also risk putting a lot of strain on the electric parts, potentially leading to damage.

What Materials Go Into Making An Electric Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds must include state-of-the-art processing technologies that are also free from hazardous materials. It’s essential that the manufacturer carefully selects all the elements required, putting them through continuous quality control. 

The materials used to finish surfaces on electric hospital beds are free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and solvents. SonderCare beds also use a combination of laminated and genuine wood parts to provide a comfortable design, maximum functionality, and a high level of practical use.

What Happens To An Electric Hospital Bed In A Power Outage?

You can’t always rely on your power connection to work when you need it. In case of a power outage, electric hospital beds have a battery-operated emergency mode to allow the one-off lowering of the reclining surface in the event of a power cut. For instance, the Aura care bed features 9-V batteries in the control unit to provide this function. There is also a backup battery accessory that allows the beds functions to be cycled 50 times, without the use of an external power source.

Fully electric hospital beds are typically superior in how easy they are to use and the amount of adjustability they offer. The completely electric functionality operated using a hand controller lets  the user position the bed to meet their needs without waiting for help to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Hospital Beds

The electronic hospital bed plugs to an outlet and is controlled by a remote connected to the side of the bed.

An attached hand controller operates a smooth and silent motor that raises, lowers and adjusts the bed. You can adjust the height and position of the bed for your comfort as well as to aid therapeutic conditions.

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