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What Medical Supplies Are In Shortage Or Hard To Buy?

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What Medical Supplies Are In Shortage Or Hard To Buy? Do you have what you need to stay safe and comfortable in your home? A patient’s medical team can provide a list of equipment and materials they will need at home, but can you access them? Buying certain medical supplies depends on the global demand for the necessary supplies.

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Learn About Medical Supplies Shortages and Buying Procedures

What Medical Supplies Are In Shortage?

Right now, most economies are experiencing a shortage of N95 masks, thermometers, ventilators, and other supplies related to COVID-19. Medical supplies are like many other products – the amount available goes up and down based on supply and demand.

The governments of Canada and the United States maintain a list of medical supplies in short supply. In Canada, the government describes the state of medical supply shortages using three broad categories:

  • An actual shortage is when a manufacturer’s current supply cannot meet current demand.
  • An anticipated shortage is a possibility that the future supply may not meet projected demand.
  • An avoided shortage means the anticipated shortage that will no longer occur.

Due to the recent pandemic, for instance, ventilators became in high demand in hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Demand sharply rose, and manufacturers were not able to keep up with it. Many of these deficiencies are now resolved, but we are still experiencing prolonged shortages of surgical masks and personal protective equipment.

What Causes Shortages In Medical Supplies?

Shortages often come down to supply and demand. When global orders for products exceed a manufacturer’s ability to create new products, everyone must deal with the lack of supply.

Some medical supplies are in shortage because there are supply-chain deficiencies that companies have to fix. They must ship intricate parts and necessary materials to manufacturing centers across the globe; when the supply lines become interrupted, it can lead to a shortage.

It can just as often come down to politics. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, the nation of China was responsible for roughly half the world’s supply of face masks. When the infection spread across China, they halted exports through worker shortages and a need for their population. As the infection and transmission of COVID-19 in China slowed down, the country began shipping masks to other countries as a show of goodwill.

What Medical Supplies Are Hard To Buy?

Some medical supplies are hard for the average person to buy. These are often highly specialized equipment that a patient or senior may not need in the home or don’t need often enough to necessitate a purchase. However, it can still be frustrating when you need something for mobility, recovery, or symptom relief and you cannot find it available to you.

When there is an equipment shortage, one concern for in-home patients and seniors is that hospitals and medical facilities are often first in line to receive them. Right now, reduced numbers of oxygen tanks, thermometers, and protective equipment mean in-home patients are finding it difficult to get them. While it makes sense, it can force people to wait before getting the supplies they desperately need.

Users can rent some pieces of expensive equipment instead of purchasing them; some private and public insurance services, like Medicare, can even require rental over a purchase. Scooters, electric wheelchairs, mechanical lifts, TENS units, and other pieces of equipment could require rentals if their use is temporary.

SonderCare Is Making It Easier For You To Get The Supplies You Need

It shouldn’t be hard to get the medical supplies you need. Having the home ready in advance for your loved one’s return may help improve their comfort level, increase chances for a successful recovery and reduce your stress level. Many pieces of equipment let patients and seniors stay in their homes, which is the best option for many with health and mobility issues. 

One piece of equipment that used to be difficult to get was the hospital bed. Whether you’re struggling with mobility or getting a good rest in your bed, hospital beds can be the ideal solution. The user can adjust the head and feet or move the bed’s height up and down, making it easier to get in and out of bed. They also make it much easier for caregivers to assist with feeding and bathing, as the bed can take on positions that make these tasks easy.

Once you place your order, you can rest easy – the home hospital bed will be delivered right to you and professionally installed. It’s a simple process that you can count on to be there for you!

Start Your Home Medical Equipment Collection With SonderCare

Are you recently discharged from hospital, experiencing mobility issues, or in need of palliative or senior care? Enjoy a smoother recovery and get the luxury you deserve by choosing our home hospital products. Contact us today to discuss home hospital beds, mattresses, stand assist chairs and other accessories to make your home hospice perfect for a truly comfortable experience.

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