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What Are The Benefits Of Owning Home Medical Equipment?

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If you have a health condition that requires continuous supervision, it can be difficult to quickly get your health care professional every time something is wrong. Some medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or hospital bed, comes in very handy especially if you have family members or senior citizens with limited mobility living with you. As they sometimes encounter changes in their health conditions, it is a good idea to have readily available medical equipment.

The benefits of buying reliable, easy-to-use medical equipment include symptoms tracking or emergency monitoring to ensure that you are getting the necessary health care, and avoiding worst-case scenarios. Read on to find out the answer to the question, What Are The Benefits Of Owning Home Medical Equipment?

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Learn About Owning Medical Equipment For Your Home Hospital

Making Your Life As A Caregiver Easier With Home Medical Equipment

If you are caring for someone with a health condition, chronic or terminal illness, you may need home medical equipment to make caring for them more manageable.  

Doctors and hospice caregivers may not always be immediately available. Having these medical devices at home as a precautionary measure can save the patient’s life if an emergency occurs.

Apart from saving patients’ lives, this specialized equipment also helps home health caregivers to monitor fluctuations in a patient’s medical condition and enables them to give medical professionals a more accurate report when they visit.

This equipment is instrumental to home health caregivers — it enables them to provide the appropriate healthcare and increase the patient’s comfort.

5 Main Benefits of Owning Home Medical Equipment

Eliminates the Need for Expensive Medical Procedures

Patients living with chronic, lifestyle, or terminal illnesses need constant care and monitoring. The necessity of frequent hospital visits can make it incredibly expensive to care for them. 

Having home medical equipment such as medical beds, ECG units, and blood, urine, and glucose analyzers, can be cost-effective in the long-term. Home medical equipment gives patients convenience and saves the expense of paying extra money to a third-party every time tests are needed.

Hospitals also break down their fees, so patients have to pay for every item used for their care, including food, beds, and nurses’ and doctors’ services. By investing in-home medical equipment like wheelchairs and nebulizers, patients save money they would otherwise spend on these device rentals or hospital visits.

Encourages the Patient To Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Patients with chronic conditions use various diagnostic tools over the long-term to help them manage their health.

Test results from these devices act as reminders that prompt patients to take care of their health. These devices can change a patient’s long-term behavior and lead them to live a healthier life.

Helps in the Monitoring of Chronic Diseases

Chronic illnesses like asthma, cancer, and diabetes all need long-term care and management. 

Home medical equipment is a huge support tool for both patients and home health caregivers. This equipment monitors the patient’s health daily and helps the caregiver give an accurate report when they see a doctor of how the patient is doing.

Can Save Lives in the Event of a Medical Emergency

Some of these medical devices are smart and programmed to notify emergency contacts if the patient rapidly declines. This quick action and response can save a patient’s life. 

Also, because this medical equipment is on hand when the patient needs it, emergency care is easy to provide while you wait for first responders. This fast action could be the number one factor determining whether a patient lives or dies in an emergency.

Increases Patient Safety

Home medical equipment standardizes home healthcare and makes it easier for caregivers to perform their duties.

This equipment makes it easier to monitor and care for critically ill patients without worrying they do not have the appropriate support after they leave the hospital.

A patient’s family and loved ones can also use the equipment with confidence with the guidance of medical professionals and feel confident that they are helping to care for their loved ones without putting their health at risk.

Purchasing Home Medical Equipment That Works

Before you buy home medical equipment, consult with medical professionals to ensure you are getting durable and reliable devices. 

Make a point of reading past customer reviews, so you know what to expect from your chosen equipment and read the accompanying instruction manual to make sure you use the devices safely.

Home medical equipment goes a long way in managing patients with lifestyle, chronic, or terminal illnesses and making it easier for hired caregivers to deliver top-notch care to loved ones. 

This equipment is also instrumental in cutting expensive medical-related costs from recurring tests. By performing these routine procedures at home, patients eliminate expenses associated with laboratories and hospitals.

While most of this equipment is easy to use, you still need to handle them with care as they can easily break or malfunction. Save on unnecessary costs by always reading manufacturer guidelines regarding their usage and then reap the full benefits of home medical equipment.

Ultimately, it can be a real hassle to go through a doctor’s office or a clinic to receive information about medical items. Availability and quick access are always the top priority when searching for home medical equipment. That’s why SonderCare carries quick dispatch inventory and works with you to figure out savings and discounts in your region that can help bring down your costs.  For the aged and individuals with serious medical conditions, life becomes difficult very quickly. Our mission at SonderCare is to help you locate luxury medical products like our premium hospital beds for home, stand to assist chairs and overbed tables to help you recuperate in style and comfort. Reach out to us at your convenience to discuss your needs and how we can help you find a medical equipment solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Owning Home Medical Equipment

Typically, your collection of home medical equipment should star with a quality thermometer, documentation materials, stethoscope and otoscope, timing device, blood pressure reader and blood glucose machine. Other larger items like a home hospital bed and stand to assist chair can help you recover quicker during extended care periods.

The traditional required pieces of hospital equipment are defibrillators, patient monitors, sterile tables, EKGs, anaesthesia devices, sterilizers, lamps, ultrasound and electrosurgical systems, blanket / fluid warmers.

For safe and effective monitoring, diagnosis, treatment and recovery from short and long term illness and disease, home medical equipment can be a lifesaver. That combined with a competent caregiver can save you many hospital trips and hospital expenses.

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  • Last year, Americans spent approximately $55 billion on durable medical equipment in the U.S. Fifteen per cent of that, over $8 billion, is paid for directly out-of-the-pocket of consumers. (payingforseniorcare.com)

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