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Will Hospice Provide A Hospital Bed?

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Will Hospice Provide A Hospital Bed? Many people with life-limiting illnesses turn to the comfort and palliative care support of hospice. If a patient has a terminal illness, they’ll rely on caregivers for life care and easing any symptoms, and many of those who need this type of health care also need hospital beds. When a loved one enters hospice, do you have to provide the hospital bed yourself? If so, how can this type of bed and its accessories help?

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Learn About Hospice Beds and Hospice Equipment Supplies

Does Hospice Provide A Hospital Bed?

Hospice is a specialized type of supportive care, and as such, most of these settings do include hospital beds. It is much easier to provide hospice care in this type of care bed, as hospital beds have many advantages for both the patient and the care team. Because of this, hospice facilities tend to provide not only the beds and mattresses but also other medical equipment and supplies necessary for managing a patient’s primary diagnosis, including sheets, pillows, blankets, and accessibility accommodations.

Another reason why many facilities offer hospital beds is that they make it easier to provide hospice services. The features can be essential for the work of the health care professional, palliative care physician in charge, or family caregivers who want their relative to be more comfortable in hospice. Adjustments to the bed position and elevation can let a health aide assist their charges when providing life care, regardless of their height. The healthcare worker can better reach the patient, letting them avoid abnormal positions that can cause workplace injuries.

However, whether or not hospice provides a quality hospital bed depends on the accommodations. In some settings, conventional beds are the only beds available, and the hospice patient and their family may need to supply a better care bed. It’s also the case that, should a patient prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of home, they and their loved ones may find it necessary to replace the standard bed with an in-home hospital bed.

Hospital Beds Can Be An Essential Part Of Mobility Within Hospice

The guiding principle of hospice is to provide patients with the right atmosphere to improve their quality of life while managing the symptoms of their life-limiting illness. To that end, most hospice settings include hospital beds as standard features. These models make it more convenient to provide care; as we’ve noted above, a SonderCare bed with hi-lo elevation and adjustable head and feet lets them assist the patient more readily. Hospice patients with specific illnesses may also require a bed that positions in a way not possible in a standard bed (e.g. Fowler’s Position or Trendelenburg Position).

Many of those in hospice have difficulties with independent mobility. Hospital beds are designed with this in mind, and all models have assist rails on both sides to help the user and their caregiver. These rails can adjust to prevent the patient from falling out of the bed or wandering during the night. The patient may also use them to facilitate safe entry or exit from the bed, and stable railings are essential for assisting individuals who may have difficulty getting up independently.

Hospital Beds Can Make Hospice More Comfortable For The Patient

Being able to reposition the bed is necessary, but the specialized mattresses and bedsheets also play an essential role in comfort for those experiencing palliative care. The pressure-relieving mattresses and breathable sheets allow skin more access to air, reducing the likelihood of common, painful health problems among those confined to their beds, including skin shearing and bedsores: 

  • Skin shearing can occur when vulnerable body parts, such as hips, heels, tailbone, elbows, head and ankles, move around on rough sheets. The friction can cause the skin to tear. 
  • Bedsores – also called decubitus or pressure ulcers – are large sores caused by prolonged pressure and friction. They often occur when a patient can’t move on the mattress, and hospital beds make it easier for the caregiver to reposition them.

Both issues can occur when the patient is already in discomfort, but a hospital bed has the features necessary to eliminate and relieve these problems.

SonderCare designed our hospital bed with a specific purpose: to provide a secure, stable, and comfortable spot for care and rest. Our line of care beds benefits the user by letting them receive care in a place more comfortable for them, such as in the home. It can be especially helpful if they already have limitations related to mobility or health. If the facility does not provide the hospice bed you or a loved one needs for life care, SonderCare is ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions Hospital Beds For Hospice Use

Hospice care requires the use of home hospital beds. In contrast to using accessories, the adjustable sections allow patients to assume postures that could not be achieved otherwise. Some symptoms can also be eased by sitting upright in bed while visiting with loved ones.

There are generally twin-sized hospital beds with a moveable head and foot as well as a mechanism for raising and lowering them. In addition to being able to be wheeled around, these beds have adjustable bed rails to ensure the safety of patients. The hospital bed is a common feature in hospice settings.

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Are you recently discharged from hospital, experiencing mobility issues, or in need of palliative or senior care? Enjoy a smoother recovery and get the luxury you deserve by choosing our home hospital products. Contact us today to discuss home hospital beds, mattresses, stand assist chairs and other accessories to make your home hospice perfect for a truly comfortable experience.

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