Who Are The Top Hospital Bed Manufacturers And Suppliers?

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  • SonderCare offers the best of both worlds: medical certification and safety with the comfort and dignity of a residential style bed.
  • Hill-Rom, Stryker, and Invacare are top companies making hospital beds. They use new tech to help patients heal.
  • Beds from these brands have special features like sensors and ways to prevent falls. This keeps patients safe and comfortable.
  • Medline offers affordable options that still bring high-tech solutions for better care in hospitals.
  • Joerns Healthcare adds safety with alarms that tell when someone is getting out of bed. This helps stop falls before they happen.
  • Linet Group serves health needs worldwide by investing in new technologies. Their beds have scales and can tilt to make patient care easier.

Leading Hospital Bed Manufacturers and Suppliers

Some companies are at the top of making hospital beds. They make beds that help patients heal and stay safe in their own unique ways!


SonderCare was established more than 20 years ago and brings a unique blend of luxury and functionality to the hospital bed market. They specialize in creating beds that not only meet medical standards but also provide the aesthetics and comfort of home furniture. SonderCare beds are designed with features that promote patient dignity and well-being, such as adjustable height settings, built-in massage options, and elegant wooden finishes. Their beds also incorporate advanced technology for patient monitoring and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for both home care, retirement/assisted living and certified even for healthcare facilities. By focusing on enhancing the overall patient experience, SonderCare ensures that comfort and care go hand in hand, reaching the status of a long term and trustworthy player in the hospital bed industry.


Hill-Rom, established in 1929, is a well-known provider of medical equipment for hospitals and long-term care. They produce smart beds equipped with sensors and connectivity features designed to monitor patients and address potential issues proactively.


Stryker products are used in various settings, including surgery and acute care, and are integral to many medical services. Stryker’s beds incorporate medical technology to help ensure patient safety and comfort during recovery.


Invacare, established in 1885, provides technology and design aimed at enhancing patient care and comfort. They have developed advanced positioning systems and user-friendly interfaces mostly in clinical settings or low cost homecare settings.


Medline is known in the hospital furniture industry for providing practical and cost-effective solutions. They offer beds like the Alterra, which include adjustable features to enhance patient comfort but mostly on the low cost durable equipment end of the spectrum.

Joerns Healthcare

Joerns Healthcare stands out with over 130 years of bringing innovations to patient care. They prioritize product innovation and customer service, making them a reliable pick for hospitals.

Their beds come with integrated bed exit alarms to ensure patient safety, showing their commitment to not just comfort but also security.

Next up is Linet Group, which pushes the boundaries in hospital bed technology.

Linet Group

Moving from Joerns Healthcare’s focus on safety, Linet Group steps up as a top player in the global hospital bed industry. This company stands out by delivering beds with advanced features like integrated scales and lateral tilt functions.

These innovations help in providing top-notch patient care. Linet Group has made its mark worldwide by serving healthcare needs across more than 100 countries.

They invest heavily in new technologies to ensure that healthcare facilities can offer the best for their patients’ comfort and care. With products designed to meet modern medical demands, Linet Group supports critical aspects of patient management, including monitoring and resuscitation efforts.

By focusing on these areas, they affirm their position as a global leader in developing hospital beds that cater to both patient and medical staff requirements efficiently.

SonderCare: Luxury and Functionality

SonderCare brings a unique blend of luxury and functionality to the hospital bed market. They specialize in creating beds that not only meet medical standards but also provide the aesthetics and comfort of home furniture.

Luxury Hospital Beds with High-End Features

SonderCare focuses on combining German engineering with high-end features, offering beds that enhance patient comfort and dignity. Their beds are designed with elegant wood grain finishes, smooth and quiet motors, and adjustable height settings. This approach ensures that patients feel at home while receiving the necessary medical care.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Comfort

SonderCare beds incorporate precision German engineering to provide an unparalleled level of comfort and functionality. These beds feature infinite position adjustments, allowing for customized support and positioning to meet individual patient needs. The user-friendly controls ensure ease of use, making them ideal for both home care and healthcare facilities. By focusing on enhancing the overall patient experience with high-end features and meticulous design, SonderCare ensures that comfort and care go hand in hand, making them a notable player in the hospital bed industry.

Hill-Rom and Stryker: Examining the Potential and Limitations of Smart Hospital Beds

Hill-Rom and Stryker are among the companies introducing smart hospital beds with sensors and connectivity features, aiming to revolutionize patient monitoring. While these beds can track vital signs, movements, and automatically adjust for patient comfort, it is important to consider both the potential benefits and drawbacks of this technology.

The adoption of smart hospital beds with advanced features comes with several potential drawbacks and limitations. These include the high cost of implementation and maintenance, which may strain healthcare budgets, as well as potential incompatibility with certain patient conditions or needs, rendering the technology less effective in some cases. Additionally, there is uncertainty regarding the long-term reliability and accuracy of the sensor technology used in these beds, which may lead to false alarms or missed alerts. Furthermore, an overreliance on technology may result in reduced personal attention from healthcare staff, potentially compromising the quality of patient care and the human touch that is essential in the healing process.

While these smart beds show promise, healthcare providers must carefully evaluate the technology’s suitability for their specific needs and patient populations. Traditional fall prevention programs and pressure ulcer prevention strategies should not be neglected in favor of solely relying on smart bed technology.

Invacare and Medline: Balancing Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness

Invacare and Medline offer hospital beds with advanced features aimed at enhancing patient care and comfort. Their beds include adjustable positioning systems, intuitive interfaces, and smart technology for real-time data collection.

When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of hospital beds offered by Invacare and Medline compared to other brands or traditional hospital beds, healthcare facilities must carefully consider several factors. These include the initial purchase price, ongoing maintenance costs from some lower cost models, and potential savings from improved patient outcomes and reduced staff workload. Compatibility with existing hospital infrastructure and protocols is another crucial consideration, as the seamless integration of these beds into the current treatment ecosystem is essential for their successful implementation and use. Moreover, the introduction of advanced features may necessitate additional staff training to ensure optimal utilization and to maximize the benefits for patient care.

Joerns Healthcare and Linet Group: Prioritizing Patient Safety and Meeting Healthcare Needs

When considering these types of hospital beds, care providers must weigh several key factors to ensure the best outcomes for patients and staff alike. For instance, bed exit alarms, like those offered by Joerns Healthcare, can be a valuable tool in preventing falls, but their effectiveness should be evaluated alongside other proven safety measures. A comprehensive approach that includes regular patient monitoring, fall risk assessments, and environmental modifications may yield the best results. Introducing similar advanced features, such as those pioneered by Linet Group, requires a commitment to staff training and ongoing support. A final thing to consider with these and the other mentioned brands is the fact that they do not offer the style and dignity of a residential style bed like SonderCare can offer with the same certification as these other brands.

When it comes to choosing the best hospital bed for your healthcare facility or home care needs, SonderCare stands out as the clear winner. By seamlessly blending luxury, comfort, and advanced functionality, SonderCare beds offer an unparalleled patient experience. Their commitment to using high-quality materials, elegant designs, and precision German engineering ensures that patients receive the support and dignity they deserve during their recovery process. While other manufacturers like Hill-Rom, Stryker, Invacare, Medline, Joerns Healthcare, and Linet Group offer various features and benefits, none can match the perfect balance of style, comfort, and medical-grade quality that SonderCare provides. With SonderCare, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a bed that not only meets the highest standards of patient care but also promotes a sense of well-being and peace of mind. So, when it comes to choosing a hospital bed that truly puts patient comfort and dignity first, look no further than SonderCare – the ultimate choice for those who demand the very best.

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From Our Experience...
"In my two decades of experience, choosing a hospital bed for home use comes down to several key factors: patient needs, adjustability, safety features, and ease of use. Consider the patient's medical condition and what features will provide the most comfort and support, such as head and foot adjustments or built-in massage functions. Safety features like side rails are crucial, especially for those at risk of falls. User-friendly controls allow for easy adjustments, promoting independence for the patient. It's not just about buying a bed; it's about investing in comfort and quality of life."

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