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Staying in a hospital bed can get boring. Mobile games like Monument Valley and Words with Friends keep the mind sharp. This guide lists engaging games perfect for those confined to hospital beds, from mobile apps to portable consoles.
  • Mobile games like Monument Valley and Words with Friends boost brain activity. They are easy to play in bed.
  • Tablets bring bigger games like Procreate for art lovers. They help patients enjoy creativity without much movement.
  • The Nintendo Switch is portable, offering many games for different tastes. It’s good for playing alone or with others online.
  • Board games have special versions for hospital use with magnetic pieces to keep them tidy in bed.
  • Social media games connect patients with friends and family, making recovery less lonely.

Mobile Games for Mental Stimulation

A person playing a mobile game in a peaceful park with city views. Playing games on your phone can wake up your brain. Games like Monument Valley and Words with Friends mix fun with thinking hard.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley engages the mind with its visual wonders. Players guide Ida, the silent princess, through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. This game tests mental agility and problem-solving skills.
Monument Valley offers a visually stunning experience that stimulates the brain.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a game that brings people together through word puzzles. Players build words on a digital board, similar to classic word games but online. It challenges your brain and helps you stay connected with friends or make new ones. Engaging in this game can be a fun way for patients to keep their minds sharp and enjoy social interaction from the comfort of their hospital bed. Next, explore immersive experiences on tablets like Monument Valley 2 and Procreate.

Immersive Experiences on Tablets

A person enjoys a virtual reality game in a cozy living room. Tablets offer rich, engaging games that pull you into their worlds. Enjoy creating art or solving puzzles on a big screen right from your bed.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 dazzles players with its visuals on tablets, offering a mind-challenging experience. Players solve puzzles in beautifully crafted worlds that mix art with interactive gameplay. This game proves engaging for those seeking mental stimulation during long-term care or recovery.
Monument Valley 2 turns your tablet into a canvas of puzzles and vistas.
This title sets the standard for immersive tablet games in healthcare settings, making it ideal for patients in isolation or intensive care units who need distraction and entertainment without physical strain. By guiding a mother and her child through magical architecture and solving puzzles, patients can enjoy an escape from their surroundings while stimulating their minds.


Procreate brings a unique and engaging way for patients to explore creativity right from their tablets. This app turns the screen into a canvas, allowing users to sketch, paint, and design with high precision. It taps into imagination, making it an effective tool for mental stimulation through art-making. Users can experiment with different brushes and tools to bring their visions to life. Next up is portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, offering a wider variety of games for recovery entertainment.

Portable Gaming Consoles for Variety

Portable gaming systems bring many games to your hospital bed. They are easy to carry and offer different kinds of fun.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of games, making it a perfect fit for hospital stays. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, which means both kids and adults can enjoy playing without hassle. This console allows patients in hospitals to switch between being a handheld device or connecting to a TV, providing entertainment right from their bed. Games range from relaxing titles that help with mental stimulation to more adventurous ones that keep the mind engaged.
Play anytime, anywhere with the versatile Nintendo Switch.
With its built-in screen and detachable Joy-Con controllers, players have the freedom to play in multiple modes: solo, split-screen with a friend, or online with people around the world. Whether you are recovering in bed or sitting up on your stay at ICU wards or specialty hospitals caring for critical care needs where patient safety is paramount, this gaming console fits into healthcare routines by offering an escape without compromising hygiene standards. Nurses often see it as an aid in patient recovery because it helps prevent feelings of isolation by keeping patients connected through multiplayer games like Fortnite and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita, a portable gaming console, offers a wide range of games. With its impressive battery life, it fits well for long hospital stays. This device lets you play titles like “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” and “Persona 4 Golden,” ensuring variety in gameplay. Its touch screen adds an interactive layer to gaming, making it easy and fun to use. The Vita also connects to the internet. This means you can download new games without needing someone to go out and buy them for you. Thanks to services like and free shipping options with Amazon Prime, getting new games is quick and simple. Next up are retro gaming consoles that bring back classic games for more entertainment choices.

Nostalgic Treat with Retro Gaming Consoles

Step back in time with old-school video game machines. Classics like Game Boy and Sega Genesis Mini bring fun memories to life at your bedside.

Game Boy

Game Boy brings back memories for many people. It was a handheld gaming device that let players enjoy their favorite games anywhere. You could play classics like “Tetris” or “Super Mario Land” without needing a TV. This made Game Boy perfect for those in hospital beds. With its simple buttons and compact size, anyone could start playing games easily.
Play anytime, anywhere with Game Boy.
It used cartridges, which were small plastic cases with games inside. Players would insert these into the Game Boy to start playing. Since it ran on batteries, there was no need for cords or plugs. This made it easy to use in various settings, including hospitals where plug-in options might be limited.

Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis Mini brings back classic games from the Sega Genesis era, offering a trip down memory lane. This console is perfect for those in hospital beds looking for nostalgic entertainment. It includes popular titles that challenge the mind and provide hours of fun without needing much space. With its simple setup, the Sega yGenesis Mini connects to hospital room TVs, allowing patients to enjoy retro gameplay right away. The device’s compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, making it a top choice for gaming without leaving your bed. Patients find mental stimulation through engaging with well-loved games from their childhood or exploring new ones they missed out on, all while staying comfortably in place.

Online Multiplayer Games for Social Interaction

Online games let players meet and play together from their beds. They build friendships without the need to be in the same room.


Fortnite brings people together online for fun and competition. Players join from all over, creating a large community. They form teams or play solo to be the last one standing in this fast-paced game. It demands quick thinking and sharp skills.
Fortnite keeps your mind active and connects you with friends, making it a perfect choice for social interaction.

Among Us

Among Us gets players to work together while some act as impostors to stop the team’s success. It makes you think hard and use strategy, perfect for keeping your mind sharp after surgery. You can play it in hospital beds, making it a great choice for both social fun and mental exercise. This game stands out because it demands teamwork but also deception, adding an exciting twist. It requires keen observation and quick thinking to identify the impostors among the crew. Players enjoy this challenge on tablets or mobile devices, right from their hospital bed. Among Us proves that games can be both entertaining and mentally stimulating, ideal for recovery when physical activity is limited.


Shifting from Among Us, Minecraft serves as a platform for players to engage in building and exploring. This game is unique because it mixes creativity with adventure. Players can build anything they imagine using blocks, from simple homes to grand castles. They explore a vast world filled with different terrains and creatures. The game offers an interactive community where gamers can share their creations and team up for adventures. Minecraft boosts mental stimulation through its challenging environment. As players navigate through the game, they solve puzzles and survive against dangers that test their problem-solving skills. It stands out as an online multiplayer game that encourages social interaction among friends or family members who are apart, making it perfect for those bound to hospital beds looking for entertainment and connection with others.

Board Game Adaptations for Bedside Entertainment

Board game adaptations bring classic fun right to your hospital bed. They use special boards and pieces that stick so you don’t lose them in bed.

Custom Boards

Custom boards make playing games in hospital beds easy and fun. They are small enough to fit on bedside tables, so patients can enjoy them without needing a lot of space. These boards are designed for places like hospitals where keeping infections under control is critical. They can be cleaned easily to help stop the spread of germs. Makers of these boards think about how to keep everyone safe while having fun. For example, they use materials that clean up well and don’t hold onto germs. This thoughtfulness means people in ICUs or anyone needing long-term medical care can still play board games. Playing helps them feel better by giving them something enjoyable to do during their stay.

Magnetic Pieces

Magnetic pieces make board games easy and fun for patients in hospital beds. They stay in place, so there is no frustration if someone bumps the bed. Games with magnetic parts can be played without straining, making them ideal for long periods in bed. Doctors and healthcare workers recommend these types of games to prevent pressure sores from staying in one position too long. Playing also helps with mental stimulation which is key when preventing the spread of infections by keeping patients entertained inside their rooms. These games are available through online stores and come with a variety of themes suited for all ages.

Card Games for Versatile Entertainment

Card games offer fun and challenge. They fit all ages and can easily be played in bed.

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is a game that keeps patients sharp and engaged. Players sort cards into specific piles, aiming to clear the table by following set rules. This activity improves focus and provides mental stimulation. Many play it on tablets or computers, making it easy to enjoy in bed. This game doesn’t need new tools or special setups, just a device connected to the internet. Hospitals can offer solitaire as part of their entertainment options for patients. It helps prevent boredom and maintains mental agility during recovery periods.

Memory Match

Memory Match boosts focus and sparks competition between players. It’s simple yet engaging, making it perfect for playing in a hospital bed. Players flip cards to find pairs, recalling each card’s position. This game sharpens minds and brings people closer. Playing Memory Match can turn into hours of fun with family and friends by your side. It teaches patience and improves memory skills without the need for any fancy gadgets or complex rules. Just a deck of cards can connect loved ones, creating lasting memories even during challenging times like hospital stays.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers for Mental Stimulation

Puzzles and brain teasers wake up the mind. These games make thinking fun and sharp.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles boost vocab and problem-solving. Each clue asks for a word that fits the spaces. This game helps minds stay sharp. Hospitals use them to keep patients’ brains active. They’re perfect for any age. People solve these puzzles with a pen or online, making it easy from bed. Crosswords are in newspapers or apps, so you can choose how to play. They make time fly and improve language skills fast.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Moving from crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles offer a unique challenge. They demand attention to detail and shape recognition. Puzzle pieces fit together to reveal a complete image, giving players a sense of accomplishment once completed. These games are therapeutic and engage the mind deeply. Hospitals can make use of anti-microbial jigsaw puzzles to prevent the spread of infections among patients. These durable puzzles come in various sizes and images, suitable for different age groups and interests. Patients find these puzzles not just entertaining but mentally stimulating too. By solving them, individuals can improve their problem-solving skills and focus. Caregivers in residential care or nursing facilities can provide these puzzles as part of therapy sessions or leisure activities. With themes ranging from nature scenes to complex designs, there’s a puzzle out there for everyone. This variety ensures that patients have new challenges to look forward to, making each puzzle an exciting adventure in mental stimulation.

Social Media Games for Virtual Connection

Social media games offer patients fun ways to connect with friends and family, even from a hospital bed. Games like virtual challenges and social quizzes make sure everyone stays sharp and together. Patients can play these games on phones or tablets, joining others online without the need for travel. These games help avoid feeling alone by bringing laughs and friendly competition right to the patient’s room. Playing can be as simple as clicking a link or opening an app, making it easy for all ages to join in. Through these engaging activities, patients maintain social ties and keep their minds active, proving that distance doesn’t have to mean disconnection.

Games for hospital beds bring fun right to your room. Mobile games, tablets, and consoles offer a mix of mental challenges and social connections. From the calm puzzles of Monument Valley to the engaging battles in Fortnite, there’s something for everyone. Board games adapted for limited space make every bedside an arena of strategy. With these options, staying entertained while recovering becomes much easier.

Research has consistently shown the positive impact of games on the well-being of hospitalized patients, particularly children. Digital games have been found to alleviate negative emotions and provide pleasure during hospitalization (Neves, 2015). Various types of play, including medical games, playing with dolls, puppets, or marionettes, playing with pets, and digital or video-games, have been identified as beneficial for children’s well-being in hospital settings (Ullán, 2019). The act of playing has been recognized as a coping strategy for children in hospitals, with the ludic function of play being particularly important (Motta, 2004). These findings highlight the potential for games to be used in hospital beds to improve the hospitalization experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Bed Games

Yes, patients confined to a hospital bed can enjoy a variety of games, including video games, mobile games, card games, and board games that can be adapted for play in a limited space. Puzzles and interactive books are also popular options.
Handheld gaming devices or games on tablets and smartphones are ideal because they are portable and can be easily used without needing to move much. Games that require minimal physical interaction, like strategy games or role-playing games, are good choices.
Playing games can be beneficial for mental health, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and boredom. They can also provide light mental stimulation which can aid in cognitive function during recovery.
While there aren’t many games designed exclusively for hospital patients, many existing games are accessible and enjoyable for those confined to bed. Developers often consider accessibility features that make games easier for everyone to play.
Caregivers can help by providing access to gaming devices, helping set up games, ensuring there is a Wi-Fi connection if needed, and sometimes joining in to play multiplayer games to enhance social interaction.
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