How Can I Make My Hospital Bed Longer

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How Can I Make My Hospital Bed Longer?

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How Can I Make My Hospital Bed Longer? Many patients who have stayed the night in a hospital know SonderCare believes hospital beds need to be as comfortable as your bed at home – especially if you or a loved one needs to have a care bed at home for health and mobility reasons. It’s why we make it easy for our clients to extend their hospital beds, should they decide they need the extra room for improved healthcare or quality of life. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can make your hospital bed longer.

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Learn About Making A Hospital Bed Longer

Who Needs An Extra-Long Hospital Bed?

The standard hospital bed is 80 inches long (roughly 6 feet 6 inches). It’s the standard SonderCare length, as it gives most users of our luxury beds enough room at the end of their bed. Users taller than 6’0 may need the extra space to move and become comfortable. When the bed isn’t long enough to fit their body, they will either let their feet hang over the end of the bed or try and sleep in a position that fits their whole body on the mattress. It’s an issue that many tall people face with conventional beds, but why they would need a hospital bed in the first place can complicate the matter.

Sleeping in an unnatural position will twist and strain their back, causing further injuries or impeding their recovery. They might be uncomfortable and spend their nights tossing and turning to get comfortable. Being unable to get high-quality sleep can leave them feeling tired and sluggish, affecting their mental well-being and patient care.

Many people looking to bring home a care bed consider the user’s height; others discover they need more space at the end of their bed. Regardless, SonderCare hospital beds have a feature that helps any user who wants or needs to make their bed longer. When clients choose a luxury care bed for their home, they get a model that they can easily extend without tools. All they need is the SonderCare Extenstion Kit accessory.

All SonderCare Beds Come With Built-In Extenders

One incredible component found in every model of Sondercare hospital beds is how the user can make it longer. We’ve designed our beds to have a Built-In Extender that accommodates our optional Length Extension Package. The 8″ Length Extension Package lets users extend their sleep surface from 80 inches to 88 inches.

The Length Extension Package includes a firm plastic support panel, a plastic support pan, and an 8-inch-long mattress bolster. The mattress bolster is equipped with a breathable, fluid-proof two-way stretch cover. None of the features affect the bed’s medical-grade quality or comfort level.

A client that needs an extra-long care bed with an extension package will still be able to position their bed any way they prefer. They’ll be able to change the individual Backrest, Knee, Height Range, Chair, and Tilt operations to take on an almost infinite number of adjustments. Our Auto-Contour function operates the Backrest and Knee simultaneously, providing the best positions to read, watch TV, or relax before bedtime.

Should I Make My Hospital Bed Longer?

Many people opt for a wider hospital bed, such as the Aura Premium Extra-Wide (which is 48 inches wide and 80 inches long), because of the space such beds provide. If they’re moving from a conventional bed into a long-term care bed, they might enjoy having more space on either side in their new care bed. Their body type might also necessitate more space on the sleeping surface. However, moving into a hospital bed for one occupant might mean they forget to think about the amount of space at their feet.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a bed for yourself or a loved one, think about factors such as the medical care or mobility impairment that could necessitate a longer bed. Not addressing problems can make recoveries longer and harder to handle. A properly-sized hospital bed can accommodate these conditions and prevent complicating situations, and SonderCare makes it easy to make the change.

Everyone should sleep in the most helpful bed possible, especially if they have medical or mobility challenges that make getting comfortable difficult. A taller user’s quality of life can depend on a longer hospital bed; it’s one reason why SonderCare makes it easy for all users to get the features they need and the comfort they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Hospital Bed Longer

It may be necessary to purchase an extension kit if you are taller than 6ft. Adding length to a hospital bed can be accomplished by purchasing and fitting an extension kit that includes extended side rails, an extension platform for the mattress, and an infill for the mattress.

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