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Can Hospital Beds Go Upstairs?

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SonderCare hospital beds are delivered folded up and in smaller pieces. Depending on where the bedroom is, you or your moving team might want to navigate the bed up staircases and around the tight turns. Can hospital beds go upstairs? Yes, they can – here’s how SonderCare makes it easy to move our luxury care beds to upper floors.

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Learn About Hospital Beds Going Into Homes and Up Staircases

Can Hospital Beds Go Upstairs?

It’s easy to take hospital beds to an upstairs bedroom for patients. They come delivered in a vertical or horizontal position, and it’s compact enough for maneuverability up flights of stairs. The beds are also light enough to be supported by upper floors and have casters (wheels that help steer the bed in the right direction) for moving from room to room. 

Many people think about the load capacity of their upper floors before moving heavy equipment, and you might be concerned with this when bringing home a hospital bed. However, our compact bed design means patients and their families won’t have to worry about their hospital bed putting a strain on their flooring. It doesn’t weigh any more than most conventional beds. 

Homes have wooden supportive structures called joists holding up the floor. These run parallel to each other with other flooring layers placed on top, and they affect how the base supports the load safely. If you are concerned with a floor weight issue, builders often recommend placing heavy pieces of equipment and furniture across multiple joists close to a wall. The floor in that area can provide more support.

Specialized Medical Equipment Moving Services Can Help You Get The Hospital Bed Upstairs

When it comes time to move the bed upstairs, you can do the work yourself. However, because of the bulk and the sensitivity of the equipment involved, consider calling a professional moving company to take it upstairs for you. A local company you can trust adds convenience and gives you confidence that someone with professional qualifications is handling the move.

Locate a company in your area that can move high-quality medical equipment in your area – check their website or ask them for the following: 

  • Do they provide dedicated services for moving sensitive equipment like hospital beds?
  • How many movers do they send for each job?
  • How do they plan, package, and move the hospital bed?
  • Do they offer any insurance or coverage? 

If you know how to disassemble the hospital bed, you might want to do it yourself and save money on their services. SonderCare beds are modular and have a simple two-part assembly and clear instructions for assembly/disassembly. 

SonderCare also offers a white glove delivery service, which guarantees you or your family doesn’t have to lift a finger. Our expert technicians will quickly and safely install the bed in your home, including in upstairs rooms. 

Think About The Patient's Health Status Before Placing The Hospital Bed Upstairs

Hospital beds serve many types of patients and offer support for many medical and mobility needs. While all SonderCare hospital beds can be moved and installed upstairs, it’s not always the appropriate spot for the bed. Many of these are also degenerative, and patients will often find their mobility gets worse as the condition does. 

If your loved one has a condition that makes going up and down the stairs difficult, consider placing the bed in a more accessible room. The size of standard hospital beds is that of a twin, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space. They can fit in a wide range of ground floor rooms, too. Consider adding other pieces of mobility equipment, such as a stair lift. 

If a medical or mobility condition changes, SonderCare hospital beds are very mobile. If the stairs become insurmountable, you can easily have them moved to a lower floor.

You Can Place SonderCare Beds Anywhere - Even In Upstairs Bedrooms

SonderCare beds are easy to move upstairs – they are light enough for two people to lift and compact enough to take around corners and to the upper floors. Of course, we are always here to help if you have any questions. You can send us a message, and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible! You can also book an appointment to see the SonderCare bed in person; please call us at (833) 649-7772.

  • SonderCare hospital beds can be moved to an upstairs bedroom.
  • They come in a compact design, are light in weight, and have casters for maneuverability.
  • Before moving the bed, consider the load capacity of the upper floor and the weight of the bed (it is no heavier than a conventional bed).
  • You can move the bed yourself or hire a professional medical equipment moving service.
  • SonderCare offers a white glove delivery service, including installation in upstairs rooms.
  • Consider the patient’s health status before placing the bed upstairs, as it may become difficult to move it later.
  • SonderCare beds can fit in a wide range of rooms, including upstairs bedrooms.
  • If there are any questions or concerns, you can reach out to SonderCare for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Hospital Beds Up Stairs

The hospital bed is compact and lightweight, so it won’t put a strain on your flooring. If you’re concerned about the weight, you can place the bed across multiple joists close to a wall for more support.

Yes, you can disassemble the hospital bed yourself if you know how to do it. SonderCare beds are modular and have simple two-part assembly with clear instructions for assembly/disassembly.

You can hire a professional moving company to move the hospital bed upstairs. You can look for a company in your area that specializes in moving sensitive medical equipment, and ask about their services, movers, and insurance/coverage.

While all SonderCare hospital beds can be moved upstairs, it’s not always the best spot for the bed, especially if your loved one has a condition that makes going up and down stairs difficult. Consider placing the bed in a more accessible room or adding mobility equipment such as a stair lift.

Yes, if a medical or mobility condition changes and the stairs become difficult, you can easily have the SonderCare hospital bed moved to a lower floor. The bed is very mobile and can be placed anywhere in the home.

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