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a gray sheet that is on top of a bed.


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*2 Month Minimum

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Hospital Functionality, Home-Like Design
Aura Premium Hospital Bed Low Position
SonderCare Forward Tilt Auto Contour
a bed with a mattress on top of it.
Infinite Positions

The Aura™ Bed can achieve virtually any position with individual backrest, knee, and high-low features. The Tilt (Trendelenburg) function even allows users to achieve extreme comfort positions like Chair and Zero G.

Aura Premium Hospital Bed Low Position
a woman sitting on a bed with her legs crossed.
Ultra Low Height

The ultra low 10” bed height (17” to the top of the mattress) offers a safe resting height, reducing potential for fall injuries, and encouraging a safer way to get into and out of bed.

Aura Premium Hospital Bed Highest Position
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Convenient High Height

The amazing high height of 32” (39” to top of mattress) allows caregivers to work at a comfortable ergonomic height, which means safer and better care. This position also offers great access for cleaning, repositioning, and moving the bed (with the central brake pedal locking/unlocking all four corner casters).

SonderCare Hospital Bed Remote Control Image
a person laying on a bed holding a remote control.
Illuminating Hand Control

The simple Hand Control clips conveniently onto the rail or into its specially-designed holster on either side of the bed. All buttons illuminate with the touch of a button for easy visibility in dark settings.

a bunch of metal objects sitting on a metal rack.
a bed with a wooden headboard and a metal frame.
Comfort Deck

For added luxury, the patented Comfort Deck system uses 50 individually flexing composite springs to achieve optimal support and relief.

a bedroom with a bed, nightstand, and window.
a bed with a wooden frame and a mattress on it.
European Style

From design elements like concealed wheel-casters, vertically nesting rails, and a beautiful mix of aluminum and Espresso dark woodgrain, the Aura™ bed is like no other bed on the market. All the functions of a hospital bed, designed for your home.

Pressure Reducing Mattresses
a gray sheet that is on top of a bed.
Comfort™ Mattress

Offering great comfort, support and durability, the Comfort™ is ideal for health care communities and some home settings.

an image of a mattress with a white background.
Dream™ Mattress

Premium pressure redistribution mattress designed to look and feel like a luxury home-style mattress. Ideal for users in all settings.

a close up of a bed with a sheet on it.
Waterproof Mattress Cover
Comfort™ Mattress

The 6” deep Comfort™ Mattress is outfitted with a completely fluid-proof, 2-way stretch cover. The waterfall flap and concealed zipper helps to maintain the integrity of the inner foam and allows for easy cleaning.

a close up of a mattress on a white surface.
a person's hand on a mattress with a patterned cover.
Dream™ Mattress

The 7” deep Dream™ Mattress has a full bamboo, hypoallergenic surround and an added quilted pillow-top for a true home-like design. Each Dream™ mattress also comes with an accessory fluid-proof cover that can be zipper entirely around the mattress for full enclosure.

a foam mattress with a blue cover.
a close up of a mattress with a blue cover.
Multi-Zone Design

The firm foundation layer (white) offers strength and durability for the life of the each mattress, while the firm perimeter edge (gray) provides support during transfers into and out of bed.

a close up of a blue and white mattress.
a person's hand is touching a blue substance.
Premium Memory Foam

The 2” Visco-elastic Memory Foam top layer provides the ultimate in comfort and pressure redistribution. The foam is injected with a cooling gel to help regulate body temperature while on the mattress.

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