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What Are The Best Mobility and Disability Aids For The Bedroom?

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When living with a disability or reduced mobility, comfort and accessibility are essential. If you are remaking a bedroom to adapt to new physical restrictions, there’s a lot you can do to make it a more relaxing, welcoming environment. What are the best mobility and disability aids to add to the bedroom? Most of what you’ll need is in SonderCare’s collection of durable, innovative medical equipment. Let’s explore the question, What Are The Best Mobility and Disability Aids For The Bedroom?

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Learn About Mobility Disability Aids in the Bedroom

All About Effective Fall Management Aids Services?

If you have a SonderCare hospital bed, you’ll already have one of the best mobility aids for the bedroom possible. The assist rails will provide stability for getting up while also reducing falls, while the hi-lo elevation brings the bed lower to the floor. When a user has an easier time managing their bed, they will drastically reduce the likelihood of falling.

However, more features can make moving in and out of bed easier, no matter what time the user has to get up. One of the newest, most innovative mobility aids in the SonderCare line is the Underbed Auto-Nightlight. This nightlight sits under the bed and automatically activates with motion in a dark room, illuminating the floor so that the user can see where they are placing their feet. It makes any transfers in and out of bed during the night a safer experience.

Some users might have medical issues that necessitate more protection – they might roll in their sleep or, if they have a cognitive condition, get up and wander. An additional set of rails can offer extra coverage along the side of the bed frame. The additional support provides stability, guidance, and a convenient hand-hold that reduces the risk of falling.

One tool for those with limited mobility can also be an obstacle – many walkers on the market are obtrusive pieces of mobility equipment, taking up floor space and cluttering the room. SonderCare’s rollators are lightweight walking aids that can fold for better storage. There are two models – the Ultralight CARBON and the rugged ALUMINUM – both of which we’ve ergonomically designed to suit the needs of every user. The easily adjustable handles make walking, braking, and standing safe and comfortable, while the dual locking system grips the wheels for a secure lock on either the Smooth Grip or Profiled wheels.

Overbed Products For Better Positioning & Enjoyment

Hospital beds are supportive in many ways, and they can accommodate many accessibility features that make daily living in bed easier to enjoy. SonderCare has several aids that connect to the headboard, giving the user easy access to adjustment and enjoyment:

  • SonderCare’s Trapeze Helper Bar is an overhead assistive device with an adjustable handle. Clients can use this aid to reposition themselves in bed without needing caregiver assistance.
  • Our Overbed Reading Light is a flexible LED reading light that mounts to the back of the headboard. The On/Off switch is on the lamp head for easy access.
  • Our Extra Large Overbed table provides users with a large, sturdy surface to keep books, food, drinks, or medications within reach. It has rounded corners for safety and is easy to clean and maintain to satisfy infection control protocols.

When someone is limited to their bed for many hours and has difficulty moving while lying down, these overbed products help them reach amenities and find enjoyment.

Explore Specific Disability Aids For The Bedroom

Of course, the bedroom is more than just a place for the bed. Depending on the user’s physical condition, this room is a place for independent living – watching TV, enjoying a book, taking meals, and socializing with visitors. SonderCare’s assistive technology can help people with disabilities make the most of their bedrooms with fewer obstacles. 

One innovative piece of equipment is the Essence™ Rise & Recline Lift Chair. It’s the most advanced electric rise-and-recline lift chair available today, and we engineered it to provide the utmost support, stability, and pressure reduction. When the user doesn’t want to sit in bed, they can use the chair for reading, watching TV, or taking a brief rest in a proper position while getting unmatched comfort and relaxation. The lift function will help them get out of the seated position when it’s time to get up.

SonderCare has developed our range of hospital beds, assist rails, mobility aids, and lift chairs to help users and their loved ones feel more comfortable in their bedrooms. When this room has the right aids for the user’s functional abilities, everyone can feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Mobility Aids

In the bedroom, mobility and disability aids can help people with limited mobility to be more comfortable and independent. Among the most popular mobility and disability aids for the bedroom are adjustable beds, lift chairs, portable ramps, bed rails, overbed tables, mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, grab bars and handrails, and support cushions and pillows. For those with limited mobility, adjustable beds can be adjusted to different positions to enhance comfort and ease of use. Individuals who use lift chairs can get up or sit down by using the lifting mechanism. Wheelchairs or scooters can be easily accessed by using portable ramps from the bed or other areas of the room. For people who have difficulty getting into and out of bed, bed rails and electric hospital beds can provide additional support and safety. Considering that everyone’s needs and preferences are different, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional or a therapist to determine which mobility and disability aids are right for you.

Certified adjustable hospital beds can be adjusted in different positions, including elevating the feet and head, making them ideal for people with limited mobility. If you have trouble getting into and out of bed, elevating your head can help you sit up more easily. Additionally, elevating the head can be helpful for those suffering from acid reflux or sleep apnea. Beds that can be adjusted can also elevate the feet, which can help people who have circulation problems reduce swelling and discomfort. Massage and heat functions can also be added with third party products to provide additional comfort. It is possible for those with limited mobility to improve their quality of life and feel more independent by taking advantage of all these features.

The specific needs and preferences of the individual should be considered when purchasing mobility aids for the bedroom. Consider: the type and severity of mobility issue, the bedroom’s size and layout, the individual’s weight and height, and any other health conditions that may be relevant. Furthermore, you should also consider how much the aid will cost and whether it will be covered by insurance. In addition, consideration should be given to the aid’s ease of use and maintenance. Before making a final decision, always try out different options to make sure that the aid is comfortable and easy to use.

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