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What Is A High-Low Bed?

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What Is A High-Low Bed? SonderCare’s line of hospital beds is designed to provide assistance to individuals transitioning from bed to a standing position or to a walker, wheelchair or lift.  They are ideal for patients who want healthcare services in their home or assisted living environment. What is a high low bed, and how could it benefit your loved one?

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Learn About Hi Low Beds and Adjustable Heights

What Is A High-Low Bed?

Adjustable beds and care beds are well-known for how the head and foot sections can contour the patient’s body. They make it easy to sit up and relax. A high-low bed also adjusts in a third manner – the entire sleeping surface rises or lowers off the floor. It gives patients the ability to change their bed heights within a range that makes getting in and out of bed a lot easier. 

Most adjustable beds only have one height. A high-low bed is helpful for users who use mobility equipment like a wheelchair or walker. They can bring the bed down to the right level to get into or out of bed. It’s an ideal option for anyone who needs patient care, whether they’re in an assisted living facility or aging in place.

High-low functionality helps healthcare professionals and those caring for loved ones, too. The caregiver can raise or lower the bed to the best level for their size and strength. They can assist the user and perform actions like turning, repositioning, and helping them get in and out of bed safely.

Why Is High-Low Functionality Essential For Hospital Beds?

High-low functionality is one reason why hospital beds are so essential. When a patient or caregiver can elevate the bed, moving the user out of bed or from the bed to another piece of medical equipment (e.g. a patient lift or wheelchair) becomes easier to manage. Lowering the bed helps the patient get out with their feet flat on the floor. The standard adjustable head and feet let the user move into a seated position for comfort, eating, watching TV, or gaining more leverage to get out of bed.

SonderCare high-low care beds are fully electrical, meaning patients and caregivers can make height adjustments without muscle power and straining. The high-low feature works using a remote control, making it a convenient addition for patients who have to reposition themselves for comfort or healthcare. The user can raise or lower the bed to their preferences for rest or independent movement.

High-Low Beds Are Ideal For All Kinds Of Patients & Caregivers

High-low hospital beds are versatile, and patients with a wide range of physical and mental conditions may benefit. These include:

  • Patients who use mobility equipment such as a wheelchair or walker.
  • Patients who need a bed for recovery and convalescence. The user may have had an injury or need to recover from an operation and cannot move as they would under healthy circumstances.
  • Patients with heart conditions. These users may have a high degree of independence but want a high-low bed to reduce the strain of getting into sitting or standing positions.

Caregivers can also benefit, as they can do more for patients without exerting themselves more than necessary. Fully-electrical high-low beds are especially beneficial when the caregiver does not have the time nor the physical capacity to raise or lower the surface physically. Since the bed is also adjustable, users can position themselves and use the elevation and lowering capabilities for greater independence.

How To Make Your SonderCare High-Low Hospital Bed

A SonderCare high-low hospital bed already has a high degree of useability. However, some accessories can help patients improve their comfort and meet their care needs. Extra side rails or an overhead trapeze bar can make repositioning in bed easier to manage independently. 

SonderCare offers an extensive range of luxury hospital bed accessories that can aid patients, loved ones, and professional healthcare workers make the most of our high-low beds. Depending on the patient’s medical condition and care needs, they may find that underbed lights, overbed tables, and length extensions improve mobility, comfort, and safety. Anyone who needs some more assistance – and maybe, if you’re a friend or relative, a little peace of mind – can benefit from these additions.

Whatever the user’s needs, they can rely on the high-low functionality of SonderCare hospital beds. Patients and caregivers alike can change the bed height, making our line of luxury hospital beds ideal for anyone with limited mobility or needing on-site healthcare. A patient will be able to access the comfort and stability of a real hospital bed right in their home without settling for a cold, sterile, institutional-looking piece of medical equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Low Bed Configurations

Bed height is up to personal preference or doctor-prescribed medical necessity. Medically, patients and caregivers can move from the bed to another piece of medical equipment more easily if the bed can be elevated (e.g., a patient lift).

A lowered bed makes it easier for the patients to get out in a flat position. The user can adjust their head and feet so that they can sit up comfortably to eat, watch TV, or gain more leverage to get out of the bed.

Owning a high low bed gives you or your caregiver an advantage for providing better quality care and increased safety in your home. Browse high low beds here or ask for a high-lo bed quote.

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