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How Can You Tell A Medical Device Is Safe To Use?

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How Can You Tell A Medical Device Is Safe To Use? If a patient needs a medical device, they should expect the equipment to be safe, improve their health, and maybe even save their lives. How can you tell if a specific medical device is suitable for your purpose?

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Learn About Medical Supplies And Medical Product Safety

Buy New Medical Devices and Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is often necessary for giving people the healthcare they need in their homes. One of the best ways to ensure that a medical device is safe is to buy it new. This way, you know that you’re the first to use it while enjoying the latest technology. Used equipment sometimes lacks the latest technology and, depending on the type of device it is, it may fail to deliver results when the user needs it the most.

Most new equipment, like hospital beds, is installed and serviced by a trained technician working for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They handle all the technical queries directly by the OEM or with the distributor. It’s how you know the equipment they’ve installed is safe to use. Used medical equipment users may have to contact the reseller, who might lack the requisite skills and expertise.

Buy Medical Equipment From Reputable Sources

Before selling any piece of healthcare equipment, manufacturers of Class II, III, and IV devices must obtain a Medical Device Licence. Although Class I devices do not require a Licence, the government monitors them through special licenses called “establishment licenses.”

Talk With Your Doctor & Medical Experts

Sometimes, patients and seniors purchase a device for in-home medical needs that, despite being “safe,” is not suited to their needs. Other times it is necessary for health and requires implanting. Ask your health care provider if the device you’re considering is right for your condition.

No matter what the equipment, it’s good to speak with doctors or the experts behind the device to make sure that it’s safe for you to use. The safest way to use medical devices is as part of an overall healthcare approach supervised by a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professionals.

Despite all the advances in treatment and patient care, risks can be high with cutting-edge devices and procedures, even if they have been tested and endorsed. You and your doctor must be in sync before using a trusted treatment plan versus being at the forefront of new medicine.

Arm Yourself With Important Healthcare Questions

Before purchasing anything online, it’s good to be vigilant and understand the best use for the device. If you’re wary, ask the seller some necessary questions, such as: 

  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • Is the device meant for professional use, or is it also ideal for private in-home care? (If it’s for professional usage only, the instructions may be hard to understand – this can lead to misusing the device or misunderstanding the results.)
  • Is the device easy to set up, operate, clean, and maintain? If so, how often should I be doing these maintenance tasks?

Who Regulates Medical Equipment?

Both Canada and the United States regulate the medical device industry pretty heavily. They monitor and evaluate the safety, efficacy, and quality of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.

One way governmental bodies approve medical devices is to make sure they meet international design and safety standards such as IEC 60601 for hospital beds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Products Expiry

The Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990 defines a medical device as any equipment, apparatus, or other thing used to avoid, detect, prevent, or treat a condition in such a way that it affects the structure or function of the body, apart from medications.

The FDA analyses reports of negative or damaging events and other concerns with medical equipment and warns health practitioners as necessary to ensure appropriate device usage and patient health & security.

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