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Who Buys Hospital Beds?

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Who Buys Hospital Beds? People with special requirements need a bed with more features and comfort than an average bed. For this reason, many people purchase a hospital bed for themselves or a loved one. They provide the comfort and functionality of a hospital bed right at home to those who need more than a traditional bed. 

We call them hospital beds because they have all the features of beds found in medical facilities, but SonderCare beds don’t look like what you’d find in a hospital! These days, you can get a model that looks great in any setting, too, so no one has to feel self-conscious about bringing one into their homes.

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Learn About Who Buys Hospital Beds?

Who Typically Buys Home Hospital Beds

Hospital bed purchases are on the rise as more people choose to age at home or in a retirement setting (called aging-in-place). It helps them stay in comfortable surroundings, avoid moving into a nursing facility, and be with friends and where family members or loved ones can care for them. It’s a decision that makes sense – there are more hospital-grade resources available than ever before!

More and more research backs up the benefits of staying at home – comfort and familiarity aid recovery and can improve well-being. As such, home hospital beds are ideal for the elderly, people with physical disabilities or limited mobility, patients who require palliative care, or those living with an illness.

Seniors & Their Loved Ones Often Buy Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are necessary pieces of equipment for seniors planning to age in place. This growing population in North America has unique medical and mobility issues, and the best solution to help them can be an electric hospital bed.

Seniors will often have health care needs that make a custom hospital bed a necessity. It makes sense for them or their families to buy one, as it allows them to customize the bed to their specific needs. It’s a measure that ensures the bed will provide the most comfort and meet a senior’s unique mobility needs.

Those In Recovery Also Purchase Hospital Beds

People recovering from injuries also need hospital beds, especially leg or hip fractures that make long-term rehabilitation necessary. These injuries can cause permanent mobility issues that make it difficult to get in and out of bed. These customers can also have difficulty moving around to get comfortable in bed.

Rented hospital beds can be good for those who only need them for a short time. However, if you will be using a bed for months or even years, it makes sense financially to buy a bed rather than rent.

Those With Disabilities That Make Mobility Difficult Benefit From Hospital Beds

Patients who live with a severe mobility impairment can live a more comfortable life with a hospital bed, regardless of their age. With raising and lowering features, they can get into and out of their bed more easily. Elevating the head and knees make lying in bed more comfortable, too, and caregivers will appreciate these features when it comes time to bathe or feed their charge.

Specialized hospital beds can meet more health requirements, too. Someone with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), for example, may benefit from one that offers the option for the Trendelenburg position. Trendelenburg is where the patient lays flat with the bed tilting to make the legs are higher than the head. 

Hospital beds are used just as often for safety. A person living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia may require the specialized side rails that come on a hospital bed. These rails will keep them from wandering while preventing patient entrapment.

Why Would They Choose A Fully Electric Hospital Bed

There are a few different kinds of hospital beds, but most people choose fully electric hospital beds for their homes or rooms because of the added convenience. A remote lets the patient adjust the bed, and with this device, they can adjust the height of the bed or specific parts of it. If the patient should not be using the remote control to adjust the bed, a caregiver can turn off the controls.

Semi-electric beds work almost like the fully electric versions, but they have a hand crank to adjust some features. The manual options require much more effort, making them not ideal for those ageing in place or recovering from injuries who don’t have the strength to use these features.

No matter the age or issue, many people who choose to live at home rather than in care facilities choose to purchase home hospital beds. SonderCare s the beds and accessories to meet these needs, no matter where they are in the United States and Canada. If you’re ready to look into your options, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions Buying A Hospital Bed For Home

Costs of a Hospital Bed at Home can vary wildly. A home hospital bed can cost anything from $800 to $10,000. It depends on the quality that you demand and whether it is electric or manual.

Of course! You should always ask about manufacturer’s warranty, parts and labor! SonderCare beds have an extremely long lifetime and operational record and our beds come with a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor.

Sure you can! Browse the Aura Premium, Aura Platinum and Aura Wide beds on our online hospital bed store right now!

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