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What Are Hospital Bed Accessories And Their Uses?

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What Are Hospital Bed Accessories And Their Uses? Hospital beds are very versatile, and they can be tailored to raise the user’s quality of life. It’s not just width and length differences – users can add different accessories to suit the care bed to their needs. SonderCare’s range of hospital bed accessories includes helpful tools, devices and products to provide additional safety and comfort for the user. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in our collection and how you or a loved one can use them.

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Learn About Hospital Beds Accessories and Add-Ons

Hospital Bed Aids: Overhead Trapeze Helper Bar

Patients may need an overhead trapeze to help themselves move in bed if they are weak, injured, or cannot move without some effort. The user can use a trapeze bar to lift themselves while recovering from a lower-body injury or struggling with mobility. This overhead assistive device has an adjustable handle that makes repositioning in bed easier.

For seniors, the trapeze helper bar can be the difference between asking for help and getting up and down on your own. Seniors can move around more easily, get themselves out of bed with limited assistance from a caregiver, helping to prevent falls and other injuries.

For caregivers and loved ones, a SonderCare overhead trapeze bar can make their lives easier, too. It offers some peace of mind, knowing that the person can move around if they need to without calling for help or putting themselves in danger.

Safety Accessories: Additional Assist Rails

Another popular accessory for hospital beds is extra assist rails. The average care bed comes with side rails already, but an additional four assist rails can help users with mobility issues get in and out of bed. They can add extra ones along the bed frame to get more stability when they need support getting out of bed independently.

The extra coverage along the side of the bed frame may also protect from accidentally rolling from the bed. SonderCare’s accessories provide a total of four rails per bed.

Bed Comfort Accessory: Length Extension

The SonderCare length extension is an accessory for taller users. While it’s all personal preference, users 6’2” and taller tend to consider an extension kit to allow for more space and to avoid having their feet against or overtop of the footboard. 

For these patients, SonderCare’s length extension could be the right accessory to correct the size restrictions. The extension adds 8″ of length to the bed frame and mattress.

Bed Convenience Accessory: Overbed Table

Overbed tables can provide patients with a smooth, flat surface for eating, working, and putting down personal belongings while resting in a bed. They also offer a spot for healthcare professionals to set down their supplies while providing care services for the patient.

Hospital overbed tables can cater to all types of patients and caregivers. For instance, not all users eat like everybody else; some may have paralysis or other conditions that severely limit body movement.

The SonderCare Extra Large Overbed Table provides users with a large, sturdy surface to keep reading material, food, or medications within easy reach. It’s attached to wheels so patients, should they be able to, can move the overbed table if they no longer need it.

Hospital Bed Add-Ons: Overbed Reading Light

For patients who love reading to wind down their day, a flexible LED reading light can be the right accessory for feeling more at home in their hospital bed. It can also be useful if the patient wakes up in the middle of the night and needs some light to get their bearings.

There’s a benefit to choosing LED lights. They last longer than fluorescent lights while offering higher lumen outputs to wattages consumed for a better efficiency ratio. It can be very beneficial for senior users, as our eyes become weaker over time; the white light of an LED light works best for this diminished eyesight.

The SonderCare flexible LED reading light mounts to the back of the headboard. The on/off switch is on the lamp head for easy access.

If you’re considering making an addition to your hospital bed or the bed of a loved one, talk to the SonderCare team today. Our range of hospital bed accessories will make your SonderCare care bed more comfortable and useful for their condition.

Note: SonderCare hospital bed accessories can only be used on SonderCare luxury hospital beds and will not work on other models.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Bed Accessories

Some of the most popular hospital bed add-ons include: Trapeze, Extension Kit, Sheets, Fall Mats, Extra Rails and Waterproof Covers.

With ergonomic accessories, hospital beds can be customized with a range of functionalities: Bed rails allow patients to move around more easily and prevent objects and patients from falling off. Bedside tables in hospitals are convenient for dining, watching media, and using devices such as laptops.

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