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How Can Hospital Beds Help A Homecare Patient?

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Home care is an increasingly popular option among aging adults who want to live in their homes but need extra help. There are many reasons patients might need assistance at home, and the caregivers offer aid with a wide range of healthcare needs and daily activities. There are also many ways to give in-home patients more help and return some independence when a health care professional isn’t around; one essential tool is the hospital bed. How can hospital beds help a home care patient?

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Learn About Hospital Beds To Help With Home Care

What Is Home Care And How Do Beds Factor In?

In-home care services can help someone who is aging and needs assistance to live independently; is managing chronic health issues; is recovering from a medical setback, or has special needs or a disability. For many patients, home care is physician-directed to help them recover from an illness, injury, or hospital stay. The doctor will send professional health care providers, such as nurses, aides, and therapists, to the patient’s home.

Home care can encompass (but is not limited to):

  • Short- and long-term care services
  • Home health aide services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology

Regardless of their long-term health status, home care allows for greater dignity, independence and maximum comfort for the recipient. These are also qualities a patient can get from adding a hospital bed to their home.

How Hospital Beds Help With In-Home Patient Care?

The term “hospital bed” may sound sterile and uncomfortable to some people. SonderCare has revolutionized the industry and changed many clients’ perceptions of what a hospital bed can be, and we’re a bed manufacturer that prioritizes safety, comfort, and style. It’s what makes our hospital beds ideal for home care, as they have features that cater to the needs of those who must spend a lot of time in bed or need a model that provides mobility assistance.

Homecare patients need beds that they and their caregivers can raise and lower to the floor. It’s a feature that accommodates the needs of both the patient and health care worker. The patient and caregiver can also adjust the side rails to limit the risk of falling. These rails also give the patient something to grab onto to reposition themselves or get out of bed.

The adjustable features make them more appropriate than a standard bed for providing comfortable support and enabling caregivers to deliver quality care. By allowing the user or caregiver to change the position, hospital beds make it much easier for caregivers to assist their patients. There will be a lower potential for the caregiver to get into an awkward or unnatural position when helping the patient get in, out of, or better situated in bed. 

Getting proper rest is essential for many forms of recovery, not to mention feeling well day-to-day. If a client has mobility or health issues stopping them from finding a quality sleep position, a hospital bed can make it easier to adjust themselves to get comfortable. There is also a range of accessories, such as the overhead trapeze helper bar, that the client can fit onto the bed for more help.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Care With A Hospital Bed?

In-home care helps patients feel safe, secure, and independent, all while easing the management of an ongoing medical condition in a place they feel most comfortable. It’s a level of care that can also help the patient avoid unnecessary hospitalization; research shows that in-home care can improve recovery after an illness, injury, or long-term stay in a healthcare facility.

To accommodate their at-home needs and those of the health care planning team, home hospital beds bring an improved level of relaxation. If a loved one must adjust to a new lifestyle after an extended stay in the hospital, a SonderCare care bed can raise their level of independence, recovery, and quality of life. Adjusting the knees and head can improve comfort, digestion, swelling, breathing, and the administration of medical care, while the assist rails also help caregivers provide mobility aid and repositioning tools for the user.

Many people prefer home care over any other option, and it’s not just because of improved mobility. Home care supports patients by keeping them where they want to be, with the people they want to be with; family members can be more involved with their loved one’s treatment. SonderCare hospital beds can be a tool for a wide range of care and mobility improvements while never looking out of place in the home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Beds & Homecare

Sheets should be clean, dry, and free from wrinkles and creases when a bed is properly made. It is important to make your bed correctly in order to reduce the chance of developing pressure sores. A clean bed is a way to help with infection control. 

Before making a bed, what do you do? Ensure that the patient’s bed linens and personal items are collected. Maintain proper body mechanics when handling patients.

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