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Do Retirement Homes Provide You With A Hospital Bed?

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Do Retirement Homes Provide You With A Hospital Bed? When a senior decides to move into a retirement home, they have a lot of choices ahead of them. One relates to furniture – many wonder if retirement homes provide the bed in which they’ll rest. Though they live independently, some residents can benefit from a hospital bed in their room. 

But would a retirement home provide them with this type of bed? It’s important to note that most retirement homes do not provide you or your elderly loved one with a hospital bed.

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Learn About Retirement Home Beds and Retirement Living Supplies

What Is A Retirement Home?

A retirement home is a privately paid residency for seniors, and it gives them a great deal of control over their schedules, room management, and medical care. They are best suited for individuals who want an independent lifestyle and control over their social activities but may still need supportive services for daily living and safety. Seniors who enter retirement homes can expect a safe, comfortable, and – above all else – a home-like environment.

This is contrasted with nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities. These are places where seniors can live when they need ongoing help and support with their daily activities and medical services. Caregivers will provide services such as eating, bathing, and management of medications, and they offer seniors 24-hour nursing and varying levels of care. Unlike a retirement home, a skilled nursing facility is suited for those who have difficulty directing their health care.

With a higher degree of independence, retirement homes are ideal for seniors who can control their health and wellness. But do they provide hospital beds?

Will A Retirement Home Provide A Hospital Bed?

Most nursing homes and care facilities encourage you to bring your items and furniture, including the medical equipment needed to be comfortable. Anyone can choose to live in a retirement home so long as the facility can support their medical needs. Retirement homes don’t usually provide 24-hour nursing care and personalized support services, but staff will be available.

It’s important to remember that these facilities aren’t a hotel – they are a home for their residents. A loved one can bring personal belongings and whatever they need, including the best bed for their needs. Choosing the bed in a new environment means the senior can select a model that will offer the best support as they age. In this case, it’s a premium hospital bed.

Do Continuing Care Retirement Communities Provide Hospital Beds?

One type of retirement home where you might find a hospital bed with the accommodation is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). This type of living facility offers various living arrangements – from independent living to long-term care services – and varying levels of medical and personal care services. A CCRC should meet a resident’s needs in a care setting they’ll see as familiar, and it can provide a new level of care as they grow older – seniors can move into this long-term care facility even when they’re healthy.

A CCRC resident must sign a long-term contract that provides housing, personal care, housekeeping, and custodial care. It often involves an entry fee and monthly service charges depending on the necessary medical or personal care services. If you or a loved one are considering a CCRC, learn more about the options available to you. Depending on what kind of arrangements and the level of care you sign on for, you might have to provide your hospital bed.

How Can Retirees Benefit From A Luxury Hospital Bed?

If the retirement home resident can choose their bed, they may find great benefits from a SonderCare luxury hospital bed. While the name hospital bed can conjure up images of a sterile medical environment (and all the discomfort associated with it), a premium hospital bed doesn’t look this part. It can make the new living quarters feel more like home.

The SonderCare line of premium hospital beds offers a high degree of support. They are designed to conform to the latest international standards, providing seniors with a greater sense of safety, comfort, and independence than standard flat or adjustable beds. Our Comfort™ and Dream™ pressure-reducing mattresses offer a comfortable sleeping surface while maintaining support for moving in and out of bed.

Our hospital beds are ideal for customers who need a mix of advanced features and a beautiful, home-like design. Seniors can expect a bed with elegantly designed assist rails, headboard and footboard that fit any room décor, creating comfort and well-being for users and family members. When you choose a premium care bed from SonderCare, you won’t sacrifice style for stability.

What Does A Retirement Home Provide?

Service or Amenity Description Related Concepts
Personal care services Assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming Personal hygiene, daily living skills
Health care services Medication management and regular visits from a healthcare professional Medication management, healthcare professional
Meal service Three meals per day and snacks Nutrition, meal planning, food service
Housekeeping and maintenance services Laundry and cleaning Housekeeping, maintenance
Social and recreational activities Group outings and organized events Socialization, leisure activities
Transportation To medical appointments and other off-site activities Transportation, Mobility
Safety features Grab bars and emergency call systems Patient safety, emergency response Common areas Dining room, living room, outdoor space Community, socialization Living quarters Private or semi-private, depending on the facility and the preferences of the resident Housing, privacy 24-hour supervision and support From trained staff Supervision, support, trained staff Physical therapy Rehabilitation to help improve movement and physical function Physical rehabilitation, movement, physical function Occupational therapy Rehabilitation to help improve daily living skills and independence Rehabilitation, daily living skills, independence Specialized care for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease Specialized care and support for individuals with cognitive impairments Dementia care, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairments

Frequently Asked Questions Hospital Beds For Hospice Use

Retirement homes typically provide assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as other personal hygiene needs.

Yes, most retirement homes have healthcare professionals, such as nurses, on staff to provide regular medical care and medication management.

Retirement homes typically provide three meals per day and snacks, as well as assistance with meal planning and nutrition.
In most cases, retirement homes have healthcare professionals, such as nurses, on staff to provide regular medical care and medication management.
Many retirement homes offer transportation to medical appointments and other off-site activities to assist residents with mobility.
Retirement homes typically offer private or semi-private living quarters for residents, depending on the facility and the preferences of the resident.
It is very common for most retirement homes have trained staff available to provide 24-hour supervision and support to residents.

Yes, most retirement homes have healthcare professionals, such as nurses, on staff to provide regular medical care and medication management.

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