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Can You Put A Regular Mattress On A Hospital Bed?

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Can You Put A Regular Mattress On A Hospital Bed? If you’re someone who requires a hospital bed in their home or residence, you may be inclined to use a mattress you already own. After all, you might think it’s still a perfectly good mattress! Ignore this impulse and plan on purchasing a special mattress for your hospital beds if you’re spending a lot of time in it or want to use its adjustable features.

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deciding to use a regular mattress on a hospital bed

In any case, patients should not use regular mattresses on hospital beds. Home mattresses do not offer the same support, with many placing pressure on uncomfortable parts of the body. In some cases, this can contribute to further health problems. It’s very important for your health and ability that you enjoy the bed.

Hospital Mattresses Are Specialized, Not Conventional

The hospital bed you purchase probably won’t work with a non-hospital mattress anyway, as the frame cannot accommodate most sizes. To fit a mattress onto a hospital bed, it must be 39-inch by 80-inch – this is a Twin XL. Other regular mattress sizes will not meet these size standards; twin mattresses, for example, are typically 39-inches by 75-inches, leaving a lot of room at the ends.

If the mattress is any wider, the extra inches will conflict with the bed’s operation, stopping it from working its best and potentially damaging the intricate parts of the bed. An improper mattress size can also create a dangerous situation for the patient: the wrong width or length can prevent side rails and other features from functioning as designed.

More than anything, ordinary mattresses have springs and thick foam that will not conform to the electric adjustments at the head and knees. A hospital bed mattress folds with the adjustments so that the patient can put themselves in the optimal position when they need a change. A regular innerspring mattress has internal construction meant to keep it rigid; it will not allow the patient to get the benefits of using a hospital bed and put added strain on the bed frame adjustment movements.

Hospital Bed Mattresses Are Designed For Health

A patient who lies down too long in one position can develop painful pressure ulcers or bedsores on their elbows, shoulders, lower back, and heels. Once these sores emerge, healing them can be a challenging, costly and time-consuming process that slows down all forms of recovery. These problems cause pain and discomfort for the patient, require more time from their caregiver, and if infection sets in, can even be life-threatening.

Hospital bed mattresses support the patient and distribute pressure so that no point of contact bears too much weight. It’s a necessary feature for bed-ridden patients who are also at higher risk for developing bedsores, including those who are underweight, as they have less fat and muscle between their bones and the mattress. If a patient uses their bed for over 12 hours a day, the more sturdy construction and pressure-relieving features of memory foam hospital mattresses become crucial.

The mattresses also encourage airflow around the body. When air can’t reach the skin, the development of bedsores becomes more likely. Those patients with higher body weight may find that they are more prone to developing sores from trapped body heat. A mattress that is contoured for airflow will help alleviate their risk of developing sores.

Hospital Mattresses Increase User Mobility

Hospital mattresses can help improve how a patient gets in and out of bed. Rising in the morning and going to bed at night with an ordinary mattress can be very difficult for patients who have mobility issues. People add hospital beds to their rooms so that every aspect of their life becomes more manageable, regardless of their individual health and wellness issues. If the mattress doesn’t provide the right amount of support, users can find that they won’t get enough assistance when it comes time to sit up and pull themselves off the bed.

Most hospital mattresses use high-density foam that is both flexible and more durable. They will last longer while also giving the patient an optimal level of support. SonderCare Hospital Style Mattresses have a durable perimeter edge made of foam that offers support and safety for the patient when they are sitting at the edge of the bed.

What Makes Hospital Bed Mattresses Unique?

As essential as the proper bed frame is the hospital mattress. Regular mattresses do not work with adjustable or hospital beds; the mattress must contour to the positions the bed can take. While also giving more positional options to the patient, hospital mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure, decreasing the likelihood of bedsores and other ailments of lengthy bed rest. They provide both comfort and a firm foundation for the user, letting them relax while lying down and sit up on the side of the bed with ease.

The SonderCare line of premium Hospital Style Mattresses provides the look and feel of a luxury home mattress while accommodating the levels of comfort and enjoyment of an adjustable bed. Customers can find both the essential COMFORT model and the premium DREAM, each ideal for users in all settings.

What Mattresses Can You Find At SonderCare?

SonderCare offers two types of mattresses for hospital bed customers: the COMFORT and DREAM hospital bed mattresses. Both are pressure redistribution mattresses built to contour with your adjustable bed. 

As the name suggests, the COMFORT offers comfort, support, and durability, making it ideal for health care communities and some home settings. The DREAM is our premium mattress, designed to look and feel like a luxury home-style mattress. It has an extra quilted layer, hypoallergenic covering, and accessory fluid-proof cover, making it ideal for any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Bed Mattresses

Do you worry that spills or accidents will ruin your hospital bed mattress? Well, don’t worry! Typically, hospital bed mattresses are made of waterproof and medical-grade fabric, which prevents pesky spills from getting into them. The SonderCare mattresses take things to the next level. These beds are crafted from top-of-the-line materials and come with a free fluid-proof cover, so you’ll feel safe knowing that any spills or moisture will just bead right off. SonderCare is the way to go if you want a bed that keeps you and your mattress dry.

Yes! Hospital bed mattresses can be very comfortable! Typically, users describe hospital bed mattresses as medium-firm. That said, it is totally up to your preference and SonderCare has some options to accommodate your preferred mattress density. Call us today to learn more!

If you’re tired of the same old, uncomfortable hospital bed mattresses, SonderCare mattresses might be a good fit for you! With SonderCare mattresses, you won’t be uncomfortable in a hospital bed anymore! They are made with state-of-the-art memory foam for unmatched comfort! SonderCare mattresses are designed to provide the ultimate comfort while your in bed, unlike most consumer and medical-grade beds, which are made of materials such as foam, innerspring coils, air, or gel. SonderCare is the perfect hospital bed and mattress combo if you’re looking to relax and reclaim your independence.

Sometimes users experience temperature changes partly from the composition of their mattress and also from the conditions of laying in bed for extended periods. SonderCare injects a cooling gel into our hospital bed mattresses in order to regulate patient temperature.

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