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The Evergreen Approach

Like the majestic tree symbolizing strength, security and resilience, SonderCare uses the Evergreen Approach to provide safety, comfort and greater independence.

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evergreen Evergreen Approach

Enhanced Comfort

Too many seniors suffer silently with chronic pain, stiff joints, and soreness. Your bed should be a sanctuary of relief, not a source of discomfort. The Aura bed’s infinitely adjustable backrest, knee, feet, and tilt functions allow you to recreate the natural curvature of the spine, improving comfort while alleviating pressure, back ache, indigestion, snoring, and even swelling.

evergreen Evergreen Approach
With the touch of a button, the bed adjusts to a full comfort chair position, letting you relax comfortably while reading, eating, watching TV, or visiting with loved ones.

Each SonderCare mattress is specially crafted to contour with the adjustments of the bed, while the patented Comfort Deck system uses 50 individually flexing composite springs to achieve optimal support and relief.

evergreen Evergreen Approach

Greater Independence

At SonderCare, we believe that moving in and out of your bed should be simple – not something that creates difficulty or anxiety.

evergreen Evergreen ApproachThe ultra low height and adjustable range of the SonderCare Bed makes it easy to get your feet flat on the floor for a safe exit.

At the same time, the natural wood-capped Assist Rail is easy to grip, and offers stability during transfers. The Assist Rails can be easily maneuvered into any of three different positions depending on the desired level of security: Protect, Assist, or Rest.

The Hand Controller can be conveniently hung on either rail or placed in the flexible holster. Each bed function has its own corresponding button. The buttons illuminate for improved visibility. For added security, caregivers may limit certain functions using the locking key on the back of the hand control.

evergreen Evergreen Approach

Increased Safety

More than 1 in 4 seniors fall every year, and most occur inside the home. The same percentage of seniors worry about falling.

evergreen Evergreen ApproachOne of the best ways to create a fall-safe sleep environment is to have your bed as close to the floor as possible. Not only will severity of potential injuries be decreased, but a low resting height can dramatically reduce anxiety among many seniors.

Rest assured, the SonderCare bed is also designed to conform to the latest international safety standards for functionality and reliability, ensuring years of worry-free performance.


Improved Sleep

A good night’s sleep not only helps you to wake up feeling refreshed, it also plays a critical role in memory, learning, immunity, metabolism, and other vital functions. A lack of sleep can lead to a higher risk of chronic health conditions, for example: high blood pressure and heart disease.

evergreen Evergreen Approach

The first step to a better sleep is getting comfortable. Experts agree that finding your personal sleep position is key, and it usually involves sleeping on your back or side with head and legs slightly elevated. The SonderCare bed lets you position yourself with head and knees at your perfect angle, so your spine is continuously in contact with the mattress, easing tension on your lower back all night long.

Just as important as your body position is the mattress that you’re laying on.evergreen Evergreen Approachevergreen Evergreen Approach

All SonderCare mattresses have high-grade pressure-redistribution foam construction. The Visco-Elastic Memory Foam top layer molds to the natural shape of your body, and is infused with cooling gel so, unlike many other memory foam mattresses, it won’t make you hot while sleeping. The base foam layer is higher density for durability, while the strong perimeter surface edge provides true support while sitting on the edge of your mattress. The mattress is available in two cover styles: a clinical grade 4-way stretch fluid-proof fabric with zipper for easy cleaning or a quilted, home-comfort, plush cotton cover.

The Evergreen Approach by SonderCare

evergreen Evergreen Approach

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