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What Is The Chair Position As A Hospital Bed Setting?

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What Is The Chair Position As A Hospital Bed Setting? Hospital beds can do more than adjust from a flat position – they must take on many different adjustments to accommodate many procedures and devices a patient may require. One of these is the chair position. It’s a different adjustable function than simply elevating the patient’s head and knees for watching television or enjoying food. The whole bed becomes a chair. What can users expect from the chair setting of their care bed?

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Learn About Hospital Bed Settings and Chair Positions

What Is The Chair Position In A Hospital Bed?

A chair position for a hospital bed sees the bed elevated, with the head and foot raised; then, using the Trendelenburg feature, the bed is tilted at an angle. Hospital beds can transfer into the seated position with minimal patient movement, with the patient or  or their caregiver controlling the speed. There are also several kinds of this position for specific needs.

The chair position is essential for people with specific medical needs, especially those with cardiovascular conditions. It is easier for patients to breathe, and their circulation may improve in a seated position.

What Is The Cardiac Chair Position In A Hospital Bed

The tilting of the bed sits the patient upright, which provides benefits related to circulation, blood pressure, and healing. The cardiac chair position can provide relief to the lungs and circulatory system. Studies show that patients recovering from procedures like heart surgery tend to recover faster when they spend a portion of the day in an upright position; they must reach that position slowly and with little movement. 

Many patients struggling to breathe or in respiratory distress use the cardiac chair position; a hospital bed allows them to adjust. By sitting upright, the individual can open up their chest airways without gravity dragging or compressing them.

An electric hospital bed can assist them in coming from a supine position to a sitting one without needing a lot of physical strain that could cause harm. The cardiac chair setting is usually easier to adjust, with separate sections supporting the back, bottom, arms, and legs.

What Is Fowler's Position In A Hospital Bed?

Some hospital bed chair functions are for specialized procedures. One position is called Fowler’s Position, which is used primarily for neurosurgery, shoulder surgery, nasal surgery, and breast reduction surgery. The position keeps the patient’s arms flexed and secured across the body, the bottom is padded, and the knees are set at a 30-degree angle.

The Importance Of Proper Positioning With A Hospital Bed

Whether you’re in a medical setting or at home, recovering from an illness or procedure requires being able to adjust the bed in the proper position. Physicians, caregivers, and patients must follow standard positioning guidelines and practices to make sure that they can sustain safety and physical well-being before, during, and after a procedure.

The benefits include:

  • Maintaining a patient’s airway and circulation throughout a procedure
  • Preventing nerve damage
  • Providing comfort and safety to the patient
  • Preventing soft tissue or musculoskeletal and other patient injuries

Proper positioning practices include having the proper number of personnel, devices, and equipment available to ensure patient and caregiver safety. If a patient requires the chair position, it’s crucial for family, other loved ones, or caregivers to know the benefits it could bring and how to help them ease into the setting.

An in-home care bed can eliminate the need for other specialized pieces of furniture while maximizing patient safety. The chair position lets the adjustable hospital bed reach an upright, seated position, saving the user space and allowing them to attain the proper positioning without leaving their resting spot. It is also much easier on caregivers, who can use the electric functionality to move their charge with ease.

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