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What Are The Main Hospital Bed Parts?

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What Are The Main Hospital Bed Parts? What makes a hospital bed unique? Many parts separate it from other types of beds. The frame, side rails, mattress, casters, and hand controller are all designed for comfort, stability, and safety.

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Learn About Hospital Bed Parts and Components

Hospital Bed Components: Bed Frame

The bed frame of a hospital bed is what sets it apart from a flat or adjustable bed. The features include height and position adjustments to make it ideal for patients and users with mobility issues. The user can raise the adjustable head independently of the part supporting the lower half of the body. Users can also elevate the knee portion of the bed, letting them take a more-secure seated position for relaxation and to stop them from sliding into a slouched posture when also elevating the head.

Hospital bed frames also have an adjustable height setting, an essential safety feature for healthcare usage. Raising the height reduces the need for patient assistance when standing from a sitting position and improves their balance while sitting on the edge; lowering the bed height lets the patient plant their feet flat on the floor and reduces the severity of injury should they fall.

SonderCare hospital beds offer in-home patients the ability to get into the Trendelenburg position. It places someone lying face up (called supine) on an incline between 15 and 30 degrees. The Trendelenburg position places the legs higher than the head, which can be beneficial in reducing swelling, assisting with hypotension, helping to reposition users back up into bed, and even achieving a zero-G position to help relieve lower back pressure.

Hospital Bed Safety Parts: Bed Rails

Modern hospital bed frames have a range of safety features to protect users from falls and pressure injuries. They can also help patients with mobility. One of the main hospital bed parts for this help is side rails. Adjustable side rails are available for most home hospital beds, and for many patients, they improve safety, comfort, and independence.

The SonderCare multi-height assist rails are designed for all residents while not being intrusive. The design promotes increased safety for residents allowing for ergonomic entering and exiting the bed. Our vertical side rail system gives every user a high degree of assistance, while the easy-to-clean materials make it easy to disinfect. Lowering the rail comes down to a simple latch system. 

For patients with neurodegenerative diseases or any condition that would make them a fall or flight risk, an additional set of rails may help. Any high-quality hospital bed safety rails can work for patients who require protection from falls, entrapment, slipping, sliding and injuries. Like any of the other safety features on a hospital bed, the benefits do require proper training and carefully following the safety protocols found in the manual.

Hospital Bed Comfort Features: Mattress

Hospital beds need special mattresses for two good reasons. One, they redistribute pressure, so that patients who need to spend long periods in their beds can rest comfortably without experiencing the discomfort of pressure injuries such as bedsores. The second main feature of a hospital bed mattress is the ability to contour to the adjustments of the hospital bed.

The SonderCare pressure-redistribution mattress works hand-in-hand with our beds to provide optimal comfort and enjoyment. The firm foundation layer offers strength and durability for the life of each mattress, while the supportive perimeter edge provides stability during transfers on and off the bed. 

SonderCare offers two mattress options: the Dream™ Mattress with a soft quilt cover and the Comfort™ Mattress with a washable cover.

Bed Structural Parts: Casters and Wheels

Another part that separates hospital beds from ordinary adjustable beds are wheel components called casters that make the bed moveable. In a hospital setting, casters have an essential purpose: moving patients in their beds to other hospital areas helps with their care. Even when the patient is resting, the bed can be moved around on wheels with locking mechanisms. 

It has a purpose for in-home care bed users, too. Caregivers can adjust the bed within the room to allow for better access to their patients or easier cleaning. A caster locking system prevents the bed from moving during patient transfers.

Hospital Bed Electric Hand Controller

Another essential part of a hospital bed is the hand controller or “pendant”. Conveniently located at the side of the bed, this part adjusts the bed frame. Simple icons on the pendant indicate which buttons control various bed sections. The buttons light up in the dark so that users can find them in the middle of the night.

The hand controller features various pre-set positioning options, including Chair, Auto Contour, Transfer Height, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and more. With SonderCare, putting the main parts of a hospital bed through their motions is as easy as the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Hospital Beds

Costs of home hospital beds vary significantly. Home hospital beds range in price from $500 to $20,000. These prices are largely determined by the features and size of the bed.

Of course! Hospital beds are purchased online and bought from ecommerce retailers everyday. SonderCare’s online store is ready to accept your order and our sales team is standing by to answer questions.

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