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How Can Hospital Beds Help A Surgery Rehab Patient?

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How Can Hospital Beds Help A Surgery Rehab Patient? Surgery can leave a patient bedridden and – depending on the procedure – weak and with limited mobility. Regaining some or all of their previous functional capabilities can require physical therapy or rehabilitation. Because SonderCare hospital beds maximize comfort, safety, and mobility, they are ideal for use while going through rehab and getting the rest one needs to recover.

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Learn About Hospital Beds To Help With Surgery Rehabilitation

Hospital Beds Provide The Right Surface For In-Bed Mobility

Following surgery, bed mobility is essential. When someone has been bedridden for an extended period, muscles can atrophy, leading to a loss of strength. If they can’t move, they might experience the formation of pressure ulcers called bedsores, creating painful skin injuries that will complicate recovery. 

A patient’s ability to shift positions in their bed can improve long-term healing. Safety features such as handrails can also help with in-bed movement. On SonderCare beds, the rehab patient and their physical therapist can raise and lower the height of the sleeping surface, optimizing comfort for the patient and themselves.

In-bed mobility provides peace of mind to the patient, too. Being stuck in the same position can be maddening. SonderCare hospital beds are designed to improve in-bed mobility, making it easier for patients to turn from their back to side-lying, scoot in bed, and go from side-lying to sitting to lying down. The support from the frame and specialized mattress lets them get into a sitting position on the edge of the bed when ready to transfer out of bed.

Hospital Beds Are Key To Fall Prevention Following Surgery

Following many kinds of surgery, the patient will not be walking much. They will likely do a lot of sitting, but there will come a time when they will also want to move around their residence. A hospital bed makes it safer and easier to get in and out of bed, and a patient recovering from surgery can be more likely to get up and transfer to a chair or take walks that will speed their recovery. 

Following surgery, the health care team might not want the patient to be too sedentary. Walking can be an essential part of medical care and rehabilitation, and physiotherapists will help many of their patients walk, go up and down any stairs, and get in and out of bed and chairs to build strength and help the recovery process. 

When the physiotherapist isn’t around, the patient and their family must create a proper recovery area for movement and relaxation. A SonderCare hospital bed can be an imperative piece of rehabilitative equipment. Features like assist rails make it easier for the surgery rehab patient to turn and reposition themselves while providing support for getting into or out of bed. The hi-lo functionality lets the patient plant their feet flat on the floor when they sit on the side of the bed, which is especially helpful after orthopedic surgery.

Stairs can be insurmountable obstacles following procedures like knee replacement surgery; as such, the patient and their family might consider converting an accessible floor space into a temporary bedroom. Hospital beds make this easy; the size doesn’t take up a lot of room, so the bed can be in a central room so surgery rehab patients can be around other people while recovering. If the patient wants to move to a new area, casters let the physical therapist, caregiver, or loved one push it with ease.

Hospital Beds May Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes Following Surgery

When patients use a hospital bed instead of a standard flat model, they are likely to experience improved comfort and mobility as they work toward healing and recovery. The mattress on a regular bed is likely either too soft or too firm for the patient, putting undue pressure on sensitive parts of the body. A pressure-redistributing mattress is necessary for proper recovery after surgery.

Hospital beds have features that let the patient and their caregiver elevate limbs after surgery, which helps with side effects related to blood pressure and swelling, the latter a common side effect following leg surgeries. By keeping the affected body part above the upper body, and the groin level for the lower body, the patient can encourage the fluids causing the swelling to flow downwards. 

Physical rehabilitation in the weeks after surgery helps patients reach their highest level of function; it prevents complications, reduces long-term disability, and improves the patient’s independence. SonderCare’s line of stylish hospital beds perfectly aligns with these goals, helping surgery rehab patients optimize their recovery and regain their mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Beds & Surgery Rehab

A surgery bed platform has sterile surfaces and can be raised or lowered, the platform can be rotated or extended, and the patient’s head or feet can be raised or lowered independently.


Side rails are lowered and wheels are locked on a surgical bed when it’s in the high position. When transferring the patient from the stretcher to the bed, the head of the bed must be flat. It is important to place the surgical bed in the high position, with its head flat and wheels locked.

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