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How Can Hospital Beds Help With Parkinson's?

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How Can Hospital Beds Help With Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s can present many challenges for the person with the disease, their loved ones, and their caregivers. Having a place where the patient can get enough rest is essential for improving health outcomes, quality of life, and receiving medical help. A hospital bed is useful for many reasons, including helping the patient sit up from lying down and getting a comfortable, inviting surface on which to sleep.

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Learn About Hospital Beds Helping Parkinson's Patients

Why Might Parkinson's Patients Have Difficulty With Their Conventional Beds?

The main symptoms of Parkinson’s are involuntary shaking called tremors, slow movement, and muscle stiffness. These symptoms and the medications prescribed to treat them can create a wide range of sleep disorders. Many patients report insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), and trouble adjusting their sleeping positions when they need to get comfortable. Others can even experience issues like nocturnal hallucinations as they’re trying to fall asleep.

It’s not only mental challenges, though. Studies show that people with Parkinson’s are more likely to suffer circadian rhythm disruptions. These alter the body’s sleep-wake cycle and reduce dopamine, leading to higher rates of insomnia and daytime sleepiness. They can also experience obstructive sleep apnea, where repeated lapses in breathing lead to snoring and gasping that disrupt sleep quality.

How do hospital beds help patients with Parkinson’s? Residential care beds do this by creating a better environment for the user. They provide support and comfort for patients who need help getting better sleep, while also enabling them to overcome mobility challenges their condition may present.

How Can Hospital Beds Help Patients With Parkinson's? Helping Them Sleep

The lack of sleep highlighted can lead to many health and safety risks. For example, EDS may create a higher risk of accidents and inability to perform routine activities like navigating the stairs. Insomnia can contribute to anxiety and depression, and it’s common for doctors to look at the potential for mental health disorders in people with Parkinson’s. In worst-case scenarios, the problems associated with a lack of sleep can result in further medication and cognitive impairment. 

One of the easiest ways people with Parkinson’s disease can get restful sleep is by changing how and where they sleep. On top of the sleep deprivation mentioned earlier, the resting habits of those with Parkinson’s can lead to other medical issues. Bedsores and back pain can be problems for those staying in one position for a long time, and ordinary adjustable beds don’t address bed mobility problems.

Creating a comfortable sleeping environment can be very beneficial for Parkinson’s patients. The firm-yet-comfortable support provided by pressure-relieving SonderCare mattresses allows patients to remain in the comfort of their own home for longer. The enhanced air circulation helps relieve problems related to body heat, including perspiration.

How Can Hospital Beds Help Patients With Parkinson's? Overcoming Mobility Challenges

Hospital beds also have better safety features that can aid those with Parkinson’s in setting up an environment that’s easy to navigate. SonderCare models are height-adjustable with side rails; the high-low functionality lets them bring the bed down to a level where they can put their feet flat on the floor, while the side rails give them some stability when lifting themselves off the mattress. These models have casters or wheels, which let caregivers move the bed. The patient can reach the controls easily when lying down.

Hospital beds can also accommodate many features that help people manage their physical obstacles. For instance, they can add the SonderCare over-bed trapeze helper bar, which mounts to the bed frame and is positioned over the bed. These accessories let the user pull themselves up from a lying to a sitting position or reposition themselves when necessary. The bed’s chair position lets patients perform daily activities they enjoy, including reading, watching television, doing puzzles, and enjoying their favorite hobbies in comfort and with support. 

Those with Parkinson’s can use the side rails on their hospital bed to adjust their position while lying down, get themselves out of bed, and lower themselves into bed. They will need moderate upper body strength to use bedside assist rails. An occupational therapist or physiotherapist can show them the easiest ways to use these features in ways that work for their physical needs.

Most people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s gradually experience the symptoms. It’s good to have furniture that helps the user adjust to any new symptoms, and we believe SonderCare has the best hospital beds to meet any new health challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Beds and Parkinson's

Adjustable beds with carefully regulated and compliant bed rails are often best to prevent falls, offer convenience and comfort to Parkinson’s patients. Hybrid mattresses, which are gel and foam constructed, or mattresses made of well-balanced internal construction that doesn’t compress too much are some of the best mattresses for those who suffer from mobility issues.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the bed. Let your knees fall to your side as you roll toward the edge of the bed, assisted by bed technology or safety rails. Lean slowly across with your top arm. A caregiver or loved one should supervise and adjust the height of the bed if necessary.

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