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How Can Hospital Beds Help An Assisted Living Resident?

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Senior Care homes and communities across the United States and Canada care for millions of people with health or mobility challenges. Many assisted living facilities provide their residents with furniture and amenities while allowing them to outfit the room on their terms – including choosing their bed. Hospital beds can be the best choice for their needs.

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Learn About Hospital Beds To Help With Home Care

Residents and their loved ones can do a lot to make the living quarters as comfortable as possible, and this should go beyond just the bed’s adjustable capabilities. A SonderCare hospital bed can help assisted living residents make their rooms less of an institutional setting and more like home.

What Is Assisted Living? And How Do Beds Get Involved?

Assisted living is a home-like care facility that provides personal and medical assistance for people – usually older adults – while maintaining their comfort and, in many cases, independence. The services can range from senior housing and retirement homes with a high degree of independence to one with more personal care and professional medical assistance. 

In most states and provinces, residents pay an accommodation fee to the care home that helps pay for expenses like health care services, non-care workers, utilities, mortgages, and building maintenance and repairs. The care home’s staff then provides different levels of care related to healthcare, meals and nutrition, mobility, personal hygiene, and general quality of life, as per the resident’s needs.

If an elderly loved one, such as a parent, requires consistent help in their day-to-day lives, it may be time to explore an Assisted Living community. In these facilities, safety has to be a priority, and they are likely to have the infrastructure in place to prevent falls and other potential hazards for residents. A hospital bed is one tool you can use to increase this safety.

How Can A Hospital Bed Help An Assisted Living Resident?

Overall Safety

The bed one chooses for their room in an assisted living facility must be safe, but it shouldn’t be too sterile. The design of the SonderCare line of hospital beds is revolutionary in that it prioritizes both helping seniors and their families find the model for all their health and comfort needs.

Hospital beds aid the resident by providing stability and security. They have assist rails that keep the user from falling out of bed. The user or their carers can adjust the rails to move patients in and out of bed, perform care tasks, and improve independence. Hidden casters (wheels) make moving the bed simple and easy – the care provider only has to press the brake pedal to lock or unlock all the casters.

Another key feature that makes SonderCare beds ideal for assisted living is the standard hi-lo feature. It lets the bed move from a low position (a few inches off the floor) to a higher elevation. The function also works well for assisted living residents at a higher risk of falling, including those with cognitive impairment or neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Comfort & Style

SonderCare’s hospital beds are also made for resting comfortably. They allow users to get into the ideal position for sleeping, reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing. For instance, our Aura™ bed can use individual Backrest, Knee, Height Range, Chair, and Tilt operations to take on an almost limitless number of positions. The Auto-Contour function operates the Backrest and Knee simultaneously, allowing them to get into the best spot for their needs. 

Our system is unlike any other on the market. The patented Comfort Deck system on SonderCare hospital beds uses 50 individually flexing composite springs to help the user achieve optimal support and relief. An 8″ integrated bed extension can comfortably accommodate users of most heights.

The rails, headboard and footboard on every SonderCare hospital bed will look at home in any room décor. It creates a high degree of comfort and well-being for users and their family members. Customers can choose from two finish options – Espresso Woodgrain and Slate Grey Crypton Upholstery – when ordering their SonderCare hospital bed, giving them more choice to suit their style preferences.

Hospital Beds Provide Unparalleled Levels Of Comfort & Safety For Assisted Living Residents

Some health and mobility conditions make extra help in preferred care homes necessary, but there’s no reason that residents in care settings should make do in uncomfortable surroundings. Assisted living should be as safe and enjoyable as possible, and SonderCare hospital beds can help make it happen.

If you have a loved one who will be a resident in an assisted living facility, talk to the SonderCare team to learn which bed options are best for them, the care plan you’re following, and the room within the facility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Beds & Homecare

Sheets should be clean, dry, and free from wrinkles and creases when a bed is properly made. It is important to make your bed correctly in order to reduce the chance of developing pressure sores. A clean bed is a way to help with infection control. 

Before making a bed, what do you do? Ensure that the patient’s bed linens and personal items are collected. Maintain proper body mechanics when handling patients.

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