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Many people have health conditions that require more than just a regular bed – to help with mobility, assist with healing, and increase their quality of life, they can utilize a hospital bed. Home hospital beds can ensure that the specialized comforts and features of a medical facility are available to those who need more support than they could get from a traditional bed and mattress.

Hospital beds allow patients, seniors, and anyone with limited mobility to control their sleeping and resting conditions. They can change the bed height and position at the touch of a button, usually without assistance. For those with a caregiver, changing the bed’s position improves how everyone can perform necessary tasks. Hospital beds make sleeping, relaxation, and transfers to and from a bed a more hassle-free experience. 

Hospital beds are not prohibitive – anyone can add them to their home or care facility. The different price points come with different features; for example, SonderCare’s AURA, AURA PLATINUM and AURA WIDE models have the Trendelenburg position, a feature where the patient can tilt their head lower than the body or legs while in a supine position.

What Comes Standard When You Buy A Home Hospital Bed?

Most options on the market are called “Fully-Electric Hospital Beds.” One basic feature of all fully-electric hospital beds is adjustability, including the backrest, knee elevation, and overall bed height. Different models have adjustment options, features and accessory options, and price points. “Semi-Electric” hospital beds will have one or more features that require a hand crank (not electric). 

Fully-Electric beds are powered electronically and come with a remote control. The patient or caregiver can easily adjust the height, as well as different parts of the bed, to maximize comfort and mobility.

Does Medicare or Insurance Cover The Cost Of Buying A Hospital Bed?

Medicare will cover a portion of some hospital beds, as they are classified as “durable medical equipment” under Medicare Part B. Typically, only the most basic semi-electric beds are covered. Because they can be costly for some, many rely on health or medical insurance to buy a hospital bed.

The patient must be covered by Medicare Part B and evaluated by their doctor. The doctor will then provide written documentation of the patient’s medical records and prescribe the bed. Before billing Medicare, the supplier must receive the order.

Is Purchasing A Hospital Bed Right For You?

Unsure about whether or not you need a hospital bed, even though your regular bed isn’t providing the ideal level of comfort? Hospital beds are ideal for a wide range of people, even if they aren’t recovering from a medical condition:

People with limited mobility: Mobility problems can impact how someone gets in and out of bed. People with a wide variety of movement issues use hospital beds to raise and lower the height, making it easier to rest and relax. It’s also a good choice for people using walkers and wheelchairs; a hospital bed can help them make a safe transition.

Those with conditions that affect comfort: A hospital bed has specific amenities that make living with certain conditions much easier. SonderCare beds are designed to look and feel like regular beds, meaning despite the name “hospital bed,” a person will never feel like they are stuck in a medical facility. 

Those that may require caregiver assistance: If you don’t have a caregiver or someone who can provide you with assistance to get into and out of bed, , then a hospital bed can be an essential piece of medical equipment. However, those with caregivers will also benefit from an adjustable bed; by raising and lowering the height and changing the positions, the job of the care provider will be easier and less strenuous.

Do You Want To Know More About Hospital Bed Sales?

If you’re interested in learning more before purchasing a SonderCare hospital bed, read through our Learning Center. We’ve compiled a collection of free resources, and these valuable tips and topics are great for those interested in how hospital beds can improve rehabilitative or senior home care.

You can also give our team a call at 833-649-7772 or email us by filling out the Contact form. We’re dedicated to helping all those who need proper care beds get the model they need.

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hospital beds

How much does a clinical hospital bed cost to buy

Medical equipment pricing analysts estimate that ICU beds appear to cost around $25,000 and $30,000 each, considerably more than clinical beds, which usually cost $5,000 to $10,000 a night in most US hospitals. Bariatric beds are much more costly, costing between $35,000 and $40,000 on average. SonderCare luxury hospital beds cost a fraction of the daily and longterm cost estimates from most major hospital stays. Also, they are customizable and easy to operate in a home medical setting. Call us today to get a price quote for your home hospital bed.

Can you buy hospital beds

Of course you can purchase a hospital bed yourself as in our case directly from the manufacturer! Alternatively you can purchase a hospital bed from accredited medical equipment providers, allowing you to choose a bed that meets your care requirements whilst having a aesthetically pleasing appearance. Browse our luxury hospital beds selection here and ask us any question you'd like. Once you have decided on a bed, our North America wide installation crews can come and install the bed in your home and show you how to use it.

What is the best hospital bed for home use

There are many quality manufacturers of hospital beds across the world, however, SonderCare was born from a quest for complete luxury, comfort and operability inspired by German engineering. Our line of hospital beds for sale frequently land on best of lists and are well reviewed by our many customers. Experience the difference quality and style make by choosing our luxury hospital bed.

How do I get a hospital bed at home

It all starts by reaching out to us by phone, chat or email to give us a sense of your needs and situation. We can help you find a custom home hospital bed solution that fits your needs and your price range. You won't regret exploring the SonderCare home hospital bed line!

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