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Individuals’ demands vary depending on whether they live at home or at a care facility. For physical comfort, weight-related issues, or simply more comfort, certain people may require beds with broader, wider bed surfaces. Heavy Duty Beds provide more versatile adjustable bed alternatives for home and commercial use for persons who require hospital beds.

What's The Difference With Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Components?

Heavy Duty sizes are sometimes a major convenience and perhaps required for many people because regular sizes are considerably smaller than a Twin size. Heavy Duty hospital beds offer all of the same characteristics as ordinary hospital beds, but they have a larger sleeping area to suit some users. Other things to think about are:

Because standard sizes are even narrower than a Twin bed,  Heavy Duty sizes are often a benefit and even a necessity for many users. Heavy Duty hospital beds have the same features as standard hospital beds but provide wider sleeping surfaces to accommodate the users. Some factors to consider include: 

  • The height of the user
  • The weight of the user
  • The patient’s mobility, strength, or medical needs
  • Whether or not the patient requires assistance to enter and exit bed

A wider, longer bed may be required depending on these conditions.

What Is A Heavy Duty Bed?

Heavy duty hospital beds are another name for beds with a larger surface for comfort. A Heavy Duty bed is designed for individuals weighing between 350 and 1,000 pounds. These variants can be 48″ wide.  As a result, the design can comfortably accommodate larger patients and users in their residences.

Apart from their heavy-duty frames, oversize hospital beds are similar to conventional hospital beds in that they are entirely electric and include motors that can provide user-adjustable functionality at the push of a button. Larger and  obese patients can alter the bed height and position at the head, knee, or foot to meet their specific demands.

However, you don’t have to be a bariatric patient to use a Heavy Duty hospital bed at home. The extra room provided by these beds can assist many elderly and those with medical issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Heavy Duty Hospital Beds?

Even if the user has health or mobility concerns, a hospital bed allows them to remain at home. A Heavy Duty variant might make it simpler for those with a wider range of body shapes and medical issues. The hospital beds can support the weight of bigger patients while also preventing injuries and bedsores.

Hospital beds provide increased safety for people with a variety of medical needs. The side rails of your bed can be adapted to protect you from falling out of bed; they also provide something more to grip onto while you adjust and get comfortable. The user may be able to move around easier in a Heavy Duty hospital bed to get out of their rest position and exit.

Of course, many individuals opt for a Heavy Duty hospital bed since they simply require more sleeping space! People who might feel crowded in a traditional hospital bed can benefit from the inches of space in this variant.

What Else Should You Know Before Investing In A Heavy Duty Bed?

Since they are compatible with other home health care technologies, hospital beds are a terrific asset to your house. However, before you acquire one for your residence or a loved one’s, be sure it’s the proper size for your requirements. Heavy Duty beds, as the name implies, are larger (and occasionally longer) than conventional hospital beds; as a result, they may not fit in every bedroom.

You should determine if your loved one needs a Heavy Duty hospital bed for their size, medical issue, or desired level of comfort before agreeing to a specific bed size. It is easier to transfer a patient to a wheelchair, rollator, or other support equipment when they have the correct hospital bed for their requirements. This is because the user or caretaker can more easily modify the posture of the hospital bed, resulting in safer movements into or out of the bed.

SonderCare's Aura 48" Heavy Duty Hospital Bed

The Aura™ Premium Hospital Bed is now provided in a 48″ width for customers who want a larger bed. This Heavy Duty model has all of the same safety and mobility features as the classic Aura™ Premium, but with a bit more room inside the bed.

With separate backrest, knee, and high-low characteristics, the Aura™ may reach practically any posture. Users can even obtain extreme comfort postures like Chair and Zero G using the Tilt (Trendelenburg) feature. It also provides users with an ultra-low height, which allows them to sleep or relax safely when they are at risk of falling. The exit level also lets people plant their feet firmly on the ground before having to get up, making it a safer method to get in or out.

For clients looking for a wider bed, the Aura™ Premium Hospital Bed is now available in a 48” width. This extra wide model provides all of the safety and mobility functions of the original Aura™ Premium, while offering a little extra space within the bed.

  • Fully-Electric Functionality
  • 2 Multi-Height Assist Rails
  • Hi-Lo Elevation (Bed Up and Down)
  • Backrest and Knee Elevation
  • 48” Sleeping Surface Width
  • FallSafe™ Ultra-Low Height
  • Comfort Chair Position
  • Tilt Function (Trendelenburg)
  • Wheel-Casters & Central Brake Pedal
  • Certified to International Hospital Standard

This latest addition from SonderCare is the ultimate luxury hospital bed. The Extra Wide 48” Aura™ Platinum provides clients with the perfect blend of functions, appealing aesthetics, and room to stretch and reposition in bed. The bed is ideal for discerning clients who are looking for the perfect blend of advanced features and beautiful, home-like design.

  • 48” Sleeping Surface Width
  • 52” Overall Width
  • Upholstered Headboard & Footboard with Espresso Trim
  • Upholstered Side Panels
  • 2 Multi-Height Assist Rails or Full-length Upholstered Sides
  • Fully-Electric Functionality
  • Hi-Lo Elevation (Bed Up and Down)
  • Backrest and Knee Elevation
  • FallSafe™ Ultra-Low Height
  • Comfort Chair Position
  • Tilt Function (Trendelenburg)
  • Wheel-Casters & Central Brake Pedal
  • Certified to International Hospital Standard

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