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How Do You Move A Hospital Bed Out Of Your Home?

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Are you no longer in need of the hospital bed? Many people find that they can sell gently-used medical beds to others who need them. Moving a hospital bed out of the home might also be required when an elderly or sick relative must move into a nursing facility or assisted living community.

When you received the care bed, it probably was delivered fully assembled or was assembled on-site by company technicians or contractual partners. How Do You Move A Hospital Bed Out Of Your Home?

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How To Move Hospital Beds Out Of Your Home? How To Move Hospital Beds Out Of Your Home?

Learn About Removing A Hospital Bed From Your Home

How To Safely Move A Home Hospital Bed

You can disassemble a SonderCare hospital bed in a matter of minutes. For the larger pieces, ensure you have at least one other person available to help with lifting the bed. You may risk injury to your body or damage to the equipment by trying to do it yourself. Instructional videos for moving a SonderCare bed can be found in the Videos section of the website. For other bed models, try contacting the manufacturer first.  

Make sure to disconnect the bed from the wall socket or power supply before starting the removal process. Disassemble as much as necessary, and when you’re ready to move, lift carefully, bending at your knees, not at your back.

Try and perform the move using the proper protective equipment. For instance, moving straps are handy devices that transfer some of the weight off of your back and arms when you’re lifting a heavier item. You may find the bed easier to manage this way. 

For your SonderCare bed, use the specialized Transport Cart so you can move the bed on its side, rolling through halls and doorways much more easily.

Call A Moving Company With Specialized Medical Equipment Services

When it’s time to move a hospital bed, you may find it impossible to move the bed yourself. If the manufacturer cannot provide assistance,  the best option is to call a professional to move it for you. Locate a company in your area that can move high-quality medical equipment in your area. Just make sure to check their website or ask them for the following: 

  • Dedicated services moving sensitive equipment like hospital beds. 
  • The number of movers they send for each job. 
  • Any insurance or coverage. 
  • How they plan, package, and move the hospital bed.

If you’ve found a company you can trust, hiring professional movers for your hospital bed and other specialized equipment is ideal. It adds convenience and gives you confidence that someone with professional qualifications is handling the move for you.

If you know how to disassemble the hospital bed, you might want to do it yourself and save money on their services.

Moving A Hospital Bed Requires A Plan

If you’re someone who needs a hospital bed moved out, you must have a plan, even if you’re not doing the moving yourself. Because of how sensitive the equipment is – and how someone is relying on its use – map out the route you will be taking as you move it out of the home. 

Many reasons make it necessary to move a hospital bed out of the home: the user may have recovered and no longer needs it, they are moving to a more advanced care facility, or they have passed. Whatever the reason you have for moving it, SonderCare designs make it an easy accomplishment. Call the bed manufacturer or a professional service if you have misgivings about your ability to safely move it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Medical Equipment

While transitioning from a residential bed to a home hospital bed might be difficult, the versatile compact bed size frequently makes navigating in the room easier. Wheelchairs and lifts take up a lot of room to operate and position properly. For ease of moving, SonderCare beds have casters and a locking bar to make manipulation far easier!

Most hospital beds can be taken apart in pieces. SonderCare beds are modular and have a very simple two part assembly and very clear and simple instructions for assembly/disassembly. Our white glove delivery service guarantees you don’t have to lift a finger and our expert technicians quickly and safely install in the bed in your home.

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